Who are the Phillies of the NFL?

In honor of baseball's Philadelphia Phillies, who have lost 10,000 games, what is the worst team in the NFL? Hint: It's not Green Bay, despite it's long history.

The Philadelphia Phillies established a dubious record on Sunday night with their 10,000th loss in franchise history. No American professional sports team has lost that many games.

Which begged the question: Which is the losingest franchise in NFL history?

Given their long history — they are the third-oldest franchise in the league — the Green Bay Packers, not surprisingly, are among the all-time losers with a regular-season record of 624-500-36 since Curly Lambeau helped form the team in 1919.

Topping the ignominious list, though, are the Cardinals, who have a combined record of 456-659-39, with stops in Chicago, St. Louis and Arizona since they were born in 1920.

The Detroit Lions have the second-most losses in NFL history, with a 481-544-32 record since they debuted as the Portsmouth Spartans in 1930. Yep, the Lions were as bad yesterday as they are today

Up next are the Philadelphia Eagles, who are 471-516-25 since debuting in 1933.

The New York Giants (596-500-33 since kicking off in 1925) are tied with the Packers for fourth-most losses in NFL history.

The rest of the top 12 (with figures including games in the American Football League and All American Football Conference), with records courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Sixth: Pittsburgh Steelers, 503-492-21 (1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates).

Seventh: Chicago Bears, 670-482-42 (1920 as the Decatur Staleys).

Eighth: Washington Redskins, 520-479-27 (1932 as the Boston Braves).

Ninth: St. Louis Rams, 498-441-20 (1937 as the Cleveland Rams).

10th (tie): New York Jets, 318-382-8 (1960 as the New York Titans) and the San Francisco 49ers, 483-382-15 (1946 in the AAFC).

12th: Indianapolis Colts, 402-381-7 (1953 as the Baltimore Colts).

In case you missed it, the Bears have the most wins in NFL history, with Green Bay second and the New York Giants third.

The Miami Dolphins (368-252-4) have the highest winning percentage in NFL history at .593.

The Houston Texans (24-56) have the lowest winning percentage at .300. Of teams that have been around for more than a few years, Tampa Bay (187-296-1) is the worst franchise in league history — amazing, considering they won Super Bowl XXXVII — with a winning percentage of .387.

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