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Packers fans sound off on John Jones, Ted Thompson and Mike Sherman

Who exactly are we to believe?
OK...is up really down? Is right really left? What gives with this whole Jones fiasco? It's NOT health issues but now it is health issues! What the heck kind of games are the Packers playing with their fans? This is a big facade of smoke and mirrors. Seems to me that Jones got a settlement big enough to make him say anything....and health issues was the best and easiest choice. Obviously the Packers aren't going to tell us the real story.....but now maybe somebody will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But, due to my own health issues.....I'm not betting on it!

It reminds of our government and this administration that's always feeding us baloney! So how in the heck is the Packer organization keeping a lid on this? We all know there's always a "my sources tell me" person in a story. This thing is buttoned up tighter that hurricane shutters!
Ingrid Adams, 2packergirl@charter.net, Jefferson, WI

Thompson is on the right track to making Pack a winner
Thank You Mr. Korth!
My sentiments exactly (on Ruvell Martin, July 17, PackerReport.com). And I'd toss in Carlyle Holiday, too. They stepped into tough spots last year and helped out admirably.

My brother lived in the West a few years and followed Seattle. He was impressed with Ted Thompson's work there. He's convinced good things will come of it here. I have to agree with him.

So many are critical of Thompson because he has money he isn't spending. Well, we have an aged quarterback. One day he'll not be here. Aren't we going to need a big pile of money to properly fill those empty shoes? Why the heck not have some unspent money in reserve?

Thanks for your Ruvell Martin piece.
Al, allo@merr.com, Stoughton, WI

Did Lambeau Field renovation affect Sherman, Packers?
I've never had the chance to ask anyone of substance this question.

How much effect on Mike Sherman's career was the Lambeau renovation? He was said to be very involved in planning many details like the locker room. My thought is that he was working on that instead of personnel, then didn't pay attention to Mckenzie, etc; then didn't do enough homework on the draft, and all of a sudden, the cupboard was bare, or ticked off. Then his coaching was affected by personnel, and then it was TT and the end was near.

What do you think?
Paul, pauluvsue@nconnect.net, Allenton, WI

I don't think the Lambeau Field renovation had anything to do with Sherman's performance as GM and coach. He was involved with the design of the locker room facilities, but it's not like he had to oversee everything. I think they asked for his input and requests, and the architects and contractors followed through. He obviously wasn't ready to be a GM, and some of the moves he made in that role has hurt the Packers. Thompson is doing a great job of cleaning up Sherman's mess, and the Packers will have a competitive team this season.

Todd Korth

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