Aaron Rodgers Q&A

Quarterback on his off-season goals, his foot, favorite Packers receiver and music

Q: What were some of your goals this past off-season?
Aaron Rodgers:
"My weight goal was to get under 220. I passed that. My body fat was to get under 10 percent. I passed that. I wanted to get my handicap under 10. Passed that. I wanted to get in the Top 25 in Tahoe for a golf tournament. Didn't get that. I wanted to grow my hair out and I did that. I wanted to grow a moustache for camp and I'm currently in the process."

Q: Why grow facial hair?
"If you look at a lot of the greats in history. Guys like Tom Selleck. Guys like Chuck Norris. Jesus. They all had moustaches. It's a feature of power. Facial power. My Dad's had a moustache his entire life. I'm disappointed in Ingle [Martin] because he was supposed to grow a moustache last year. Sometimes I think the ladies like to see a guy with a moustache."

Q: How does the foot feel?
"Foot feels great. After losing weight and my foot recovered I can move around a lot better. I've always been able to make plays outside of the pocket but now I can move around out there better."

Q: Is mobility something you focused on in the off-season?
"We did [mobility] drills in our quarterbacks school. We worked on getting in and out of the pocket quickly, making quick decisions, getting out when you have to and throwing on the run accurately. So I'm just trying to transfer that over to training camp."

Q: What wide receiver do you feel most comfortable with?
"Ruvell Martin. If we have a deep ball going, I'm looking outside to see what side Ruvell is on and I'm probably going to him."

Q: Being a big country fan, who are your favorite singers?
"That's tough. Probably a lot of guys nobody has heard of. The past couple years I've been really into country songwriters out of Nashville - the guys who write for bigger stars. So a guy like Gaylon Griffin. He's a songwriter about to get signed by a label. I like the old Garth Brooks stuff, a little Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, and Toby Keith. My two favorite genres of music are country and underground, like progressive rock. I like bands people have never heard of, stuff that isn't mainstream because once it hits mainstream it gets tainted and a lot of it sounds the same. I've been to a lot of progressive rock shows because it's just great music."

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