Frank Walker Q&A

Cornerback's thoughts on Packers defense, the best of the young receivers, riding four-wheelers

Q: What are your impressions of the Packers defense?
Frank Walker:
"Very fast defense. Well-rounded. Really not missing much of nothing. Just trying to play my part in it."

Q: Is it everything that you expected?
"When I first came here, I was expecting to learn a lot from Al (Harris) and Charles (Woodson). I've been doing exactly that, learning from them. We have very understanding coaches in Bob Sanders, and (Kurt) Schottenheimer. They break it down to a T, so for the most part it's going pretty smoothly."

Q: How do you like playing with Charles Woodson and Al Harris?
"A whole lot of competition out there, you know? We keep the competition thing going out there. A good group."

Q: Who stands out so far in practice among the team's young receivers?
"(James) Jones and (Greg) Jennings. They do pretty well. Catch a lot of balls. I like 82 on the deep ball, (Ruvell) Martin. I like him on the deep ball. They're doing a good job."

Q: What are some of your hobbies and interests away from football?
"Riding four-wheelers. I just like to ride four-wheelers and have a good time. Chill out with the fellas and have a good time. I just do a little joy riding, like up and down the street. Nothing crazy, like through the woods and over the hills. Just up and down the street. In Tuskegee, Alabama there are a lot of flat fields, so I just cruise."

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