Coach's Corner

Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin took a few minutes after practice this morning to offer his thoughts on the team's running backs

Q: Are you concerned about Vernand Morency (knee) being out for a couple of weeks?
"You'd like to have all of your players. Obviously we would love to have him get some repetitions because as you remember we didn't have him in training camp last year. This is an important time where they're going to get a lot of reps and a lot of practice opportunities. We certainly wish he was here practicing, but you've got to coach who's here. We'll do the best we can do."

Q: What are your impressions of Brandon Jackson thus far?
"Brandon is a young guy. He's 21 years old. When you consider some of those things, he's caught onto the system well. He hasn't had a lot of mental errors.

"One of the things that impressed me about him is yesterday there was a one-on-one running back and linebacker pass protection drill. Watching that film, I liked his aggressiveness that he didn't back down. I like that he showed as much quickness in that drill as he has shown running the ball, which is a good thing. We thought he was a very good athlete, and we thought he had very good feet. In my mind, he displayed that the other day in that pass protecting drill, believe it or not. I think when the game slows down for him, he's going to be fine, I really do. Everything is kind of going in circles right now and there's a lot of information, but he's doing fine."

Q: How is he at making that necessary one cut in the zone blocking scheme?
There have been some real good ones, but Sunday night we opened up (a big hole) and he should have been through there, but he (hesitates) did one of those. But then in a different practice, the one he did bust, it was the exact same play and he got it right and hit it. It's going to take time. He's not going to make the right decision every time. There will be times when he's tentative. Obviously, our job is to minimize that, but it's going to happen."

Q: Do you feel Corey White is making the most of his increased reps?
Corey is a big guy, talented guy. Very physical. He's kind of one of those guys that you're not really sure if he is definitely a tailback, or definitely a fullback. He has running skill, no question about it. He's a powerful guy. I like his attitude a lot. He's definitely going to get more opportunities."

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