Ruvell Martin Q&A

Wide receiver on his connection with Rodgers; when to be humble and arrogant

Q: How has the team's receiving group progressed so far in training camp?
Ruvell Martin:
"I think we're doing well. We have a lot of young guys but for the most part we only have two new guys. So I think having that one year under our belt helps a lot."

Q: How did starting three games and gaining Brett Favre's confidence late last year help you for this year?
"I think the team as a whole knows what they have in me as a receiver. Brett [Favre] knows what I can do out there and I'm willing to whatever it takes to help this team win."

Q: Aaron Rodgers said you're his go-to receiver. Do you feel the same connection?
"I think Aaron and I do click a little bit. When I first came here I was on the practice squad and he was the third quarterback behind Brett and Craig Nall, so we got a lot of reps together in practice. It just grew from there. The following off-season and training camp we continued to click on the field more. We know each other. I know what he's thinking. He knows what I'm thinking and how I'm going to run my routes. I think we work very well together."

Q: What sets you apart on the team's receiving unit?
"I think my size is my biggest strength. For the most part on bump and run, if a corner gets his hands on me it's still pretty hard to stop me. My height definitely helps me get up for the ball and catch it. We have a lot of the same [type of receivers] here. I hope I can be the one guy who is a little bit different."

Q: What takes up your time outside of football?
"Every once in awhile I try to play the guitar but I'm not very good. I enjoy video games. I have a family with two little girls at home. They're a blast. One is six weeks old so she doesn't do too much yet but the other one is two years old and she is just a ton of fun to play with. I love it. I love it. My kids are wonderful. Those other hobbies are what I do when my girls are napping and every once in awhile my wife lets me golf. I'm not very good at golf but I try."

Q: A lot of receivers in today's league beat to their own drum. Do you pride yourself on being a humble player?
"Well, I think it depends on the persona players put out to the media and the public. People begin to think that's how they really are. I think on the field you have to have a little arrogance about yourself. It's more confidence than anything else, to know you can beat the guy across from you. When it comes down to it, the trash talk and ‘I'm the best thing since sliced bread' type of attitude isn't realistic. On the field you might act like that just because it's a mind game. But I think that just if someone acts like that on the field, it doesn't mean they're like that as a person."

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