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Fewer training camp practices could slow progress of offense

If Brett Favre had any say, the Packers would be practicing more this training camp, instead of less than ever before. It hasn't helped that Favre has missed practices this week due to the sudden death of his wife's stepfather in Mississippi, but the clock is ticking on an offense that needs all the work it can get to put more points on the board this season.

Thus far, at least according to Favre, the chemistry on the offense is far from good.

"We need to gain chemistry quickly and some trust," said Favre today at his press conference. "We don't have that right now."

As of now, the offense has a very inexperienced backfield. The receiving corp has an experienced, though slightly banged-up go-to guy in Donald Driver, but the experience drops off quickly. And the tight ends are coming off an unproductive season.

Coach Mike McCarthy this season is trying something new to help get the team off to a faster start. He scheduled a few more practices during May and June, and took away some practices this month in order to keep his team's legs fresh for the start of the season. Time will tell if this works, but the schedule could have an adverse affect on the offense.

"We're trying to gain some chemistry," said Favre, who has participated in just two practices this training camp. "We have a short window to gain a lot of chemistry and trust."

Before we know it, the regular season will be upon the Packers, and the Philadelphia Eagles, a playoff team from last year, will be across the line of scrimmage. Will the Packers offense be ready? Favre certainly has his doubts, and he said as much today.

Favre said he hopes that he can play more in preseason games this year, but is not so sure that McCarthy will allow for that to happen. With any luck, Favre will quickly get on the same page with receivers like Greg Jennings, James Jones and Ruvell Martin, but that's not a slam dunk. And that's just the receivers. As of now, the team has no definitive No. 1 running back, and it appears that Donald Lee, and not Bubba Franks, will be the top tight end. So Favre will have to adjust quickly with a number of players that he is somewhat familiar with, but not real comfortable.

"I see potential," said Favre of the younger players. "Now it's up to these guys to step up and make a name for themselves."

The clock is ticking, and training camp is shorter than ever. A few more practices, rather than a few less, would do this veteran quarterback and young offense more good.

Todd Korth

Todd Korth is managing editor of and Packer Report magazine. E-mail him at

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