Zac Alcorn Q&A

Tight end on his comfort level in camp this year compared to '06; what he must do to make the team

Q: How would you describe this training camp compared to last year?
Zac Alcorn:
"(laughs) Oh, boy. Big, big difference. Mentally and emotionally last year I was struggling a little bit. I was a rookie looking at the next guy to see what I could do. You can't really do that in the NFL. This year mentally I've got the plays down. Emotionally I know what it's like. I know what I've got to do. Physically it's harder now because I've been getting more reps. That gets physically draining. Mentally and emotionally I'm heads above where I was last (year). Physically, I'm there, too, and trying to get my legs back. It's going to pay off in the long run, and I'm enjoying it a lot more, too."

Q: Because you're more comfortable this year, has that helped you in catching passes better? Do you find it easier this year?
"The pass-catching part of it … I've always had a ton of confidence and have been very comfortable receiving and catching the ball. It's helped a little but because if you're not exactly sure where you should be running the route, you're thinking about that instead of catching the ball. This year, I'm pretty comfortable with almost every single play. When we get out there, it's second nature for me and I can concentrate on catching the ball a bit more. It does help a little bit."

Q: What do you feel you have to show the coaches in this camp to make the 53-man roster?
"I feel I've got to keep improving my run-blocking, especially on the backside. I think I'm going to be playing a lot of the backside tight end, so they want to see me make some of those cut-off blocks and stuff like that. I'm improving, and I'm going to continue to improve, and I think that will help me make the 53-man."

Q: Will you be playing on special teams?
"Yes, special teams is a huge part of this. That's probably a huge part of me making the 53-man roster, getting in on special teams and playing well.

"I'm basically on every single special teams (unit). Kickoff, kick return, punt, field goal. I'm not on field goal block, I guess. I've got to be able to make tackles on kickoffs and punt (coverage). You kind of got to have all the skills when you're playing special teams. A lot of special teams is toughness and attitude and I know I have the right attitude and the right toughness to do special teams."

Q: What do you do to relax between practices in training camp?
"I go back and I hang out with my family. I've got a little boy and a little girl back home. That's my little solice back there. I hang out with the family and kind of forget about football for a half hour, hour.

"We get an hour or two (break) between practices. They don't say you have to go anywhere. My house is kind of close to St. Norbert anyway. I go there to hang out with my kids and my wife."

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