Cullen Jenkins Q&A

Defensive end on Packers defense, his favorite food, TV show and music

Q: How has the full transition to defensive end been for you?
Cullen Jenkins:
"It's been all right. I've been out there practicing at defensive end more so I'm getting used to it. I'm learning the techniques better and gaining confidence out there."

Q: How do you feel the defense fared during the Family Night scrimmage?
"I thought we did pretty good. We stepped up against the run. Against the pass we got some pressure. We'll probably have to wait until Saturday (against Pittsburgh) to really gauge ourselves. It will be a more realistic game situation against a different team. You know you have your best versus their best."

Q: How did running the 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles during track in high school help you now in the NFL as a defensive lineman?
"It helped me out a lot in different parts. My coordination improved from having to jump [the hurdles]. Quickness, too. Having to get my legs up and down helped me out a lot."

Q: If you weren't playing football, you'd be… CJ: Teaching, probably.

Q: Favorite food?

Q: Favorite TV Show?
Family Guy.

Q: Family Guy character?
Stewie or Peter.

Q: Favorite music?

Q: What do you do during your spare time? CJ: "I spend time with my family. I do fishing a lot and play some golf. I fish for walleye, white bass, bluegill, crappie, all types of stuff."

Q: Do you have a go-to fishing lure?
"I'm not a big lure guy. In the spring when the walleye are running ... just jigging. I use a jighead and a tail maybe. But I use minnows usually."

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