Late-round bloomers

Hall, Bishop and Wynn making the most of their opportunities in camp

Doug Evans, Adam Timmerman, Donald Driver, Mark Tauscher, Corey Williams and Scott Wells are some of the examples. These are or were productive players for the Green Bay Packers that were drafted in the sixth or seventh rounds.

Driver would receive Pro Bowl status in fact, but everyone on the aforementioned list were and are key players for the Packers. Korey Hall, Desmond Bishop and DeShawn Wynn are 2007 draft choices that would love to make that list.

All were very productive players in college. Hall, a 6th round pick, was a three-time All-Conference linebacker in the Western Athletic Conference. He will now play fullback for the Packers, but he showed he has good hands by intercepting 11 passes in college. Hall also played on all four special teams units for Boise State and was considered a head-hunter. The Packers expect Hall to excel on their special teams units as well.

Bishop was also a 6th round pick. Bishop led the University of California in tackles two straight years at middle linebacker, and led the entire Pac-10 in tackles in 2006 with 126. He also showed his strength at the NFL Scouting Combine by bench-pressing 225 pounds 33 times. Bishop was named first team All-Conference in 2006 and also gained third team All-American honors from

Wynn, taken in the seventh round pick, was the starting tailback for the 2006 national champion Florida Gators for 17 of the his last 25 games. Wynn had a team-high 69 rushing yards, including a two-yard touchdown in the BCS championship game vs. Ohio State. Wynn rushed for more than 2,000 yards in his Florida career and scored 25 touchdowns. Wynn will get a look at both the tailback and fullback positions for the Packers.

Hall knows what he has to do to make the team at fullback.

"When I first got here, it was a little rough," Hall said. "I was trying to get my footwork down and stuff. Here lately, it's coming around. I am understanding the packages and installs and my footwork is better."

Hall also knows that he has to catch the football.

"The fullback here has to be pretty reliable catching the ball because of check downs by the quarterback," he said. "The routes aren't long, but a five yard reception is better than a sack."

Hall knows that special teams might be his ticket to making the team.

"I think special teams has been going pretty well," Hall said. "It's just a matter of getting use to the speed of special teams in the NFL vs. college. But we're running basically the same type of stuff. Special team's plays are special team's plays. It's just matter of using your technique, fundamentals and hustle out there."

Bishop knows that the linebacker corp in Green Bay is deep.

"Our linebacker corp is so good," Bishop said. "We really can mix and match in so many different ways and still be equally successful."

Bishop will try to make the team any way he can, including special teams.

"It's coming along good, considering I don't have much experience playing special teams. I know I'm doing good, because I'm working my tail off and I'm learning from coach Stock and coach Slocum and going out and giving it my all," he said.

Bishop also has a bit of a chip on his shoulder due to his success and lack of recognition.

"I did lead the Pac-10 in tackles," Bishop said. "It's kind of the story of my life. Coming out of high school, I didn't get looked at, even though I won MVP of my league. But it's been a struggle my whole life to get the recognition that I deserve. I think it's just God testing me and everyone has to take a different route.

I'm just playing the cards that I'm dealt and I'm just practicing and giving my all and everyone will eventually find out who I am."

Wynn has had some heath issues in camp thus far, he had a stomach virus the first week of camp and sustained a quad injury on Tuesday night. Still, coach McCarthy has taken notice of him.

"Wynn is a good football player," McCarthy said. "Clearly, where he was drafted and how it equates to what he's done in training camp doesn't add up in my opinion. I think he's a gifted young man, very intelligent. He has picked up the scheme rapidly. I think he has exceptional feet in and out of the hole. He's been impressive in the number of opportunities that he's had."

Wynn knows that he has to impress when given the chance.

"I have to give them something," Wynn said. "I definitely want be physical between the tackles and I think that's what they are looking for out of me. I just want to pound the ball and make the best out of every opportunity."

Opportunity. That is the key word. Donald Driver and the other low draft picks made the best out of their opportunities. Hall, Bishop and Wynn will try and make the best out their opportunities. Based on their track records and their showing thus far in training camp, don't bet against them.

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