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Packers fans sound off on kickers, need for play-makers, depth chart prediction

Was it necessary to draft a kicker?
Hi Todd,
I wanted to chime in on a topic that is not often discussed: place-kickers. Specifically ours. Before last season began, most of us were disenchanted when we learned that 9-year veteran kicker Ryan Longwell was not only leaving the Packers via free agency, but going to cross-town rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. That was one of the biggest questions heading into training camp: Who would our place-kicker be? We signed Billy Cundiff and I think everyone expected him to be the guy. He had a rough camp, was released, and we opened up the competition to some unknowns, one of which was Dave Rayner. Having tried to fill the shoes of the very reliable Longwell and being a rookie, we were watching intently to see what Rayner could do. In my opinion, he went out and had a great year and showed some leg strength, especially on kickoffs that we had not seen in years. In my mind it was like, "great, we have a kicker!"

Then this year's draft came up and we selected Mason Crosby in the later rounds. I was confused. Does the front office know something we don't? We have a kicker. And not only did we draft Crosby, who I am not disputing has talent, but I have heard some scuttle that he is expected to unseat Rayner as our first-team kicker. With some of the needs and holes that our team still lacks some depth at (Defensive End, Defensive Back, Kick Return), was this the best way for us to spend our pick? Just throwing it out there, and here is one fan who is pulling for Rayner to keep his spot, much like Longwell did years ago when Chris Jacke left for years and years to come.
Jason, jasonperone@yahoo.com, Chandler, AZ

Packers in need of a few more play-makers
Dear Mr. Korth,
I am a 17 year old who has cheered for the Packers as long as I can remember. When I was young and Ron Wolf was still the General Manager the Packers playmakers were abundant on both sides of the ball. Sterling Sharpe, Antonio Freeman, Robert Brooks, Desmond Howard, Edgar Bennett and Dorsey Levens maintained the offensive side of the ball, along with Brett Favre and William Henderson. Not only that, but the Packers were famous for always having two very good tight ends, Keith Jackson and Mark Chmura (later on Bubba Franks and Wesley Walls even made a good impersonation for one year.)

Now, when I look at the offensive side of the ball I still see the same great field general, but with untrained soldiers. Donald Driver is dependable, but when you play two games against the vaunted Bears defense and two more games against the most underrated cornerback in the game, Antoine Winfield, it will be hard to get him the ball in those games. There is tons of potential among the rest of the candidates but I would like to see someone step forward. Greg Jennings has the possibility to be the Robert Brooks to Driver's Freeman, but he has to do it every game. Taking Robert Ferguson over homegrown Chris Chambers in 2001 still was a horrible blunder that the Packers don't want to seem to admit. Among the rest of the group I like the potential of James Jones, David Clowney, and Ruvell Martin in the future, but I don't think the future will come fast enough.

At running back, the Packers need a true workhorse back. Is the asking price for Larry Johnson a lot? YES! But is Larry Johnson worth it? You bet he is. He is still only 27 years old and could be the one that opens up the over-the-top passing game.

On the defensive side of the ball the team is set everywhere, but Marquand Manuel's spot. The Packers need to pick up a veteran who can serve as the LeRoy Butler of this team and make the calls for every play. Donovin Darius was available and could be that person, but the Packers let the Raiders steal him. Overall, I think the team is talented and will challenge for the Super Bowl ... in three years.
Corey Pieper, kcpieper@centurytel.net, Rock Springs, WI

Regular season opener depth chart prediction
I have been a Packers fan my whole life. Yes, I live in Minnesota, but I grew up in Wisconsin (no worries). I still will ALWAYS hate the Vikings! That being said, the Packers do not have to put anyone else on IR, so here is my projected starting lineup for Week 1 v. Philadelphia:

LWR1 85 – Greg Jennings
LWR2 82 – Ruvell Martin
LWR3 11 – David Clowney
LT1 76 – Chad Clifton
LT2 75 – Tony Moll
LG1 73 – Daryn Colledge
LG2 62 – Junius Coston
LG3 78 – Allen Barbre
C1 63 – Scott Wells
C2 72 – Jason Spitz
RG1 72 – Jason Spitz
RG2 62 – Junius Coston
RG3 78 – Allen Barbre
RT1 65 – Mark Tauscher
RT2 75 – Tony Moll
TE1 86 – Donald Lee
TE2 88 – Bubba Franks
TE3 44 – Clark Harris
RWR1 80 – Donald Driver
RWR2 89 – James Jones
QB1 04 – Brett Favre
QB2 12 – Aaron Rodgers
QB3 07 – Ingle Martin
FB1 40 – Brandon Miree
FB2 35 – Korey Hall
HB1 34 – Vernard Morency
HB2 32 – Brandon Jackson
HB3 23 – Noah Herron
HB4 42 – DeShawn Wynn

LE1 74 – Aaron Kampman
LE2 96 – Mike Montgomery
LDT1 79 – Ryan Pickett
LDT2 99 – Corey Williams
LDT3 97 – Johnny Jolly
RDT1 91 – Justin Harrell
RDT2 90 – Colin Cole
RDT3 97 – Johnny Jolly
RDE1 77 – Cullen Jenkins
RDE2 94 – Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
SLB1 51 – Brady Poppinga
SLB2 54 – Juwan Simpson
MLB1 56 – Nick Barnett
MLB2 52 – Abdul Hodge
MLB3 55 – Desmond Bishop
WLB1 50 – A.J. Hawk
WLB2 59 – Tracy White
LCB1 21 – Charles Woodson
LCB2 43 – Patrick Dendy
SS1 22 – Marquand Manuel
SS2 30 – Marviel Underwood
FS1 36 – Nick Collins
FS2 37 – Aaron Rouse
FS3 29 – Tyrone Culver
RCB1 31 – Al Harris
RCB2 27 – Will Blackmon

PK1 16 – Dave Rayner
P1 09 – Jon Ryan
P2 07 – Ingle Martin
LS1 75 – Tony Moll
LS2 44 – Clark Harris
H1 12 – Aaron Rodgers
H2 09 – Jon Ryan
PR1 89 – James Jones
PR2 27 – Will Blackmon
KR1 11 – David Clowney
KR2 23 – Noah Herron
WR 81 – Koren Robinson (Eligible to Return on 18 October 2007)

TE 84 – Tory Humphrey
P/H 06 – Davie Lonie

LS 60 – Rob Davis (Will become full-time Packers Assistant Director of Player Development)

WR – Shaun Bodiford
WR – Carlton Brewster
WR – Robert Ferguson
WR – Chris Francies
WR – Carlyle Holiday
WR – Calvin Russell
OT – Travis Leffew
OT – Orrin Thompson
OG – Pat Murray
OG – Tony Palmer
OG – Adam Stenavich
C – Carl-Johan Blomvall
C – Tyson Walter
TE – Zac Alcorn
TE – Joe Werner
QB – Paul Thompson
FB – Ryan Powdrell
FB – Corey White
HB – P.J. Pope
DE – Larry Birdine
DE – DeVon Hicks
DE – Jason Hunter
DT – Daniel Muir
LB – Tim Goodwell
LB – Spencer Havner
LB – Rory Johnson
CB – Jarrett Bush
CB – Antonio Malone
CB – Frank Walker
CB – Tramon Williams
S – Atari Bigby
S – Alvin Nnabuife
S – Charlie Paprah
PK – Mason Crosby
P – Ryan Dougherty
Jaime Moore, moorejs31@hotmail.com, Eden Prairie, MN

Jackson is the real deal
Matt Tevsh,
Nice article on Brandon (Summer 2007, Packer Report magazine). Please take my comments to heart, I love the Pack and so far you are the first and only person I have contacted. I am a nightclub owner in Omaha. Most nightclubs last 6 months to three years, I am going on my 10th year, so we must do something right. What we do best is that we read the crowd and play music that relates to the crowd. If we have an older crowd, we play older music. Younger crowds tend to prefer more contemporary music.

After attending two Packer games in the last two seasons, I was disappointed that Rap and Hip Hop was played to an older crowd. No one got it, no one got fired-up. My dee-jays control the total environment in my club. He is the most important employee in my business. He fires-up the crowd. Good music in a stadium would fire up the crowd, which would, in turn, fire-up the team. Please consider my comments. With much thought. Thank you, and please air my views.
Dan Zadalis, Zadgolf@aol.com, Omaha, NE

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