Corey White Q&A

Running back talks about first preseason game, opportunity to make roster

Q: How do you feel about the opportunities that you'll get to run the ball Saturday against the Steelers?
Corey White:
"Well, I'm going to be a little nervous (smiles) you know, because it's my first NFL game. Practice-wise, I'm used to it. I'm just going to relax and do my assignment, make sure I don't get the quarterback hit."

Q: Do you worry about fatigue at all with the number of reps you taken in the last few days and on Saturday night?
"Kind of, because I'm going to be on special teams. I've been trying to condition myself in practice. Go out there and suck it up, and stick it out."

Q: Is there such a thing as too many reps?
"No, I think it gives you more of a chance to show what you can do."

Q: Do you feel fortunate that you've been able to stay healthy in training camp when others have gotten injured?
"I feel like staying healthy is a big thing because you get banged up a lot in training camp. You've got to keep going till the end of the deal to see who will make the team. I'm just happy to stay healthy. I try to hit the weights hard. Weights keep you from getting hurt. Some injuries you can't help, but stretching and doing all the little things keep you healthy."

Q: Did you enter training camp with the attitude that there is an opportunity to make the roster with Ahman Green gone?
"I knew I kind of had an advantage because I know I can play for my size. Most people doubt my speed, but I can do both (running back and fullback). My main thing was to come in and fit in. If they need me at fullback, I'll do it. If they need me at ‘tail' I'll do it. It's a big opportunity."

Q: How much running back and much fullback have you been playing in practices?
"I'm doing 100 percent running back and zero percent fullback right now, but things could change. Coach (Edgar) Bennett told me to be ready at any time."

Q: Did you take any reps at fullback in the Organized Team Activities practices or May minicamps?
"I took a couple reps, but (Bennett) was opening things up for me to show me what it looked like. Basically, he had me at tailback more."

Q: What is your 40-yard dash time?
I was a 5.9 at my Pro Day, but I was at 242 (pounds). Now I'm at 234, 235 and I feel like I'm faster."

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