Rob Davis Q&A

Veteran longsnapper offers thoughts on this year's team, special teams, boxing

Q: How does this training camp stack up with your 15 previous ones?
Rob Davis:
"They're all about the same. We're trying to come together as a team. We're trying to build off something and start 2007 off on a positive note. [Coaches] try to teach the scheme to the young players and refresh the scheme to the older players and move forward."

Q: How does this team compare to teams past?
"Obviously it's been well-documented that we're a young team. I don't know if that's necessarily a bad thing. This team has a tremendous amount of talent. But we have to put it together on Sundays. From the on-set, I think we have more talent and speed around here than we've had in a while. The only thing is that we just don't have the experience."

Q: The team went after core special teams players like you over the off-season. How is the unit gelling so far?
"It will play itself out during the next three preseason games, but it's no secret that we need to step it up on special teams. At least from what I'm hearing, we are the weak link. That doesn't sit well with me and I hope it doesn't sit well with a lot of the other guys who primarily play special teams. The only way we can correct that is to go out and perform."

Q: What is the best part of training camp? RD: "Building camaraderie with the guys. I'm a traditionalist, so I kind of like going to the dorm and just getting to know the players, late night card games, stuff like that. I think all of those things are vital to the success of your team because guys learn to trust, like, and defend one another. That can only help."

Q: Worst part of training camp?
"Getting up early. I'm older so I get up early anyway, but it is what it is. These training camps were around long before I was here and they'll be around long after I'm gone. So it's kind of a necessary evil as we call it."

Q: What is your favorite sport outside of football?
"I'm a big boxing fan. Boxing is probably my number one sport. I grew up a longtime boxing fan. I watch as much of it as I can. Being from the [Washington] D.C. area I liked Sugar Ray Leonard. I was a big Mike Tyson fan. I'm not quite a historian but there have been some great boxers over the years. I just like watching their craft and the dedication and commitment that those guys put in. On the individual level I think it's unmatched in any other sport."

Q: Favorite all-time boxing fights?
"Obviously the night Buster Douglas knocked Mike Tyson out and the night Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield's ear off."

Q: What first popped in your head when you saw Tyson do that?
"That he's crazy. But those guys are trained for combat. It just kind of got out of hand. It's unfortunate for the sport but it was a great fight to watch."

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
"I just like to challenge myself. I won't lie to you and say I'm a golfer or anything like that. I like to just learn about new things. I'm really big into the Internet right now. I'm just trying to learn more about the Internet and how it's used. And I have a family. So my hobbies are my kids really."

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