Sherman Sez

Here's what Packers head coach Mike Sherman had to say about his his team's emotional win over Carolina at Lambeau Field Sunday:<p>

On the team's performance:

"I think our defense stepped up and made tremendous plays for most of the game. We let them off the hook there at the end to get down there.

"Donald Driver stepped up and made some big plays. Brett Favre stepped up. I thought our special teams improved from a week ago.

"I thought our special teams, which had been much maligned, stepped up and made some plays they had to make for us against a very good - I think they're one of the best special teams units in football. They dressed eight linebackers, we dressed five - so they can play special teams.

On the game's emotions and enthusiam:

"I would give the entire team a game ball on the passion they displayed which I hadn't seen as much of until today and we need to continue to play that way. "

"Whether you won or lost a game on a play, a field goal, I still felt that way and I would've commended our team on how they battled because if you can play like that and overcome some adversity - we had seven guys who played last week, didn't play this week - if you can overcome those things and play a football game and battle and scratch and crawl, in the long haul you win games. I do believe in that philosophy."

On the penalty on Favre's lateral to Bubba Franks and ensuing TD pass to Driver:

"I didn't think the play was going to be reviewed. There wasn't a sense of urgency to review the play. I knew we practiced it and made it a point of emphasis that this play was not going to be a penalty. We practiced it correctly, I stood and watched it executed correctly and the fact that there was a flag thrown on that bothered me slightly and I reacted adversely to that. I didn't want the game to continue without it being reviewed and I got upset there.

"I'll fine myself for this display, I'll take care of it. I don't think I'm somebody that loses discipline very often, but this situation required it. I responded the way I thought I would respond and probably would respond again if I didn't see action happen on something that I knew was wrong. I was wrong and overreacted, but you put your heart and soul into something and it means something to you, you don't want somebody to take it away from you."

On being on top of the NFC North:

eing on top of the division this early doesn't mean one bit to me, what matters is where we are at the end of the year. If we had lost this game, I would've been proud of our football team because I think we played hard. We did things we hadn't been doing. We played with intensity and we played with emotion and passion. I was proud of that. I thought they battled.

On not using a time out near the end of the game:

"You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. I thought about it and elected not to do it. Then we had the injury time out, we were going to ice him after that on the field goal, but you can't have double time outs. I was trying to figure out what they were trying to do. It's something to consider. I thought about it but didn't want to do it."

On the play of Matt Bowen: "He made a lot of good plays for us. He made some big hits for us and did some nice things for us in that game. He'll just keep getting better. He made a mistake there (on completion to Hoover) but he made up with some effort things. You know what you're getting with him."

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