Paper or Plastic?

The Packer's entered their contest against the Panthers with just six sacks on the year. Three hours later they had bumped their total to 10, thanks to two baggings from tackle Cletidus Hunt, one from defensive end Joe Johnson and another from tackle Steve Warren. <p>

For Warren, it was especially meaningful. Having spent all of last season on injured reserve after rupturing his right quadriceps on Dec. 3, 2000 at Chicago, his sack of Rodney Peete was the very first of his career.

"Aww, it felt great!" Warren said. "The first one of my career, it felt great, like lifting a burden off my back. Hopefully, I can just open those gates up and get a lot more.

I don't even really think about the injury anymore, it's there, I look down and see it every morning and every night before I go to bed. But that scar is a perfect reminder of where I came from. But when I'm playing, I don't think about it."

Johnson and Hunt are now tied for the lead on defense with two each, but he was hardly ready to pat himself or his teammates on the back following their performance.

"I still don't think we played as well as we can," Johnson said. "We have to just learn and continue to get better and move on. But I'm still not satisfied and we need to step it up another notch and come ready to play better than we did this week, next week."

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