Donald Lee Q&A

Tight end on how offense will improve in red zone, best of backup linebackers

Q: How are you feeling this year compared to last year at this time? Donald Lee: "I feel good. My body is holding up pretty good. I'm a little sore, but that's just a part of training camp. Overall, I can't complain."

Q: With the installations complete, is it easier to focus on the games during the preseason?
"Oh, yeah. It's a lot easier to start focusing on the games. Of course, the book gets a lot thinner (smiles), so that's good for us."

Q: There is a lot of competition for the backup linebacker positions on the team, do any of those guys jump out at you from what you've experienced going up against them in practices?
"Tracy White is a really good covering linebacker. When he and I go together in practice, he gives me a problem. That's who I look forward to competing against each and every day because I feel he can make me get better.

"He's smart, fast and quick, so he's good competition. Everytime I see him on defense, that's who I want to go after because he'll get me a lot better. He plays the run well and he's hard to get around. He's a short-stature guy and quick, so he does a good job of covering the tight end."

Q: How do you feel the offense will improve scoring points while in the red zone this season?
"By scoring touchdowns (smiles). Hopefully most of the touchdowns go to the tight ends, but we have guys who can make plays on every part of the field. I feel like if we get down in the red zone, we've got guys here that can make explosive plays and put points on the board."

Q: What do you see out of others on offense that makes you feel the offense will get better in that area?
"As I look around, I feel every position has gotten better. We don't have Ahman Green anymore, but we still got Noah (Herron) and some new guys at receiver. I think every position is getting better."

Q: How much can they utilize you down there?
"I hope a lot. I hope that when I'm in the game, whenever they do put me in the red zone, I can make plays and score points."

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