Coach's Corner with Ben McAdoo

Tight ends coach comments on expectations of group and individuals

Ben McAdoo is in his fourth season in the National Football League as an assistant coach, and second with the Green Bay Packers as tight ends coach.

McAdoo, 30, was an assistant offensive line/quality control coach with the San Francisco 49ers in 2005, where he worked with then 49ers offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy, before coming to Green Bay. Both McAdoo and McCarthy worked together in 2004 in New Orleans. McCarthy was offensive coordinator and McAdoo an offensive assistant/quality control. Prior to 2005, McAdoo was an assistant coach at a variety of colleges for four seasons.

McAdoo attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania and earned a degree in health and physical education. He also received a master's degree in kinesiology from Michigan State.

The Packers tight ends coach took time to answer questions from Packer Report managing editor Todd Korth:

Q: After reviewing film this off-season, how would you sum up the performance of the tight ends from the 2006 season?
Ben McAdoo:
"After we went through the ‘cut-ups' we looked back and we had some different roles in the offense – in the run game and in the pass protection. We felt that in the run game we did a good job on the front side of the zone scheme. There is need for improvement on the backside as far as the cuts are concerned. In pass protection, we felt we did an outstanding job from the backfield. Of course, there is always something to work on, and that's as an in-line protector.

"In the pass scheme, we feel we need to get a little more detailed in our route-running, and we need to focus on catching the ball. Our pass-catching fundamentals have been a huge emphasis in the off-season and in training camp."

Q: Do feel the drops by some of the tights ends hurt the confidence of some of the guys during the season?
"These guys are pretty resilient, so dropping a ball or two doesn't necessarily affect their confidence. It doesn't help, but for the most part our guys are pretty resilient. They can move on to the next play."

Q: As the tight ends were used more in blocking last year. How much did that affect their production overall?
"There were a couple of things that affected (their production). They were used more as a blocker than in the past. We stepped up and we performed well there, but also we had some drops in the pass game. If we catch the balls thrown to us, than the numbers go up. We need to capitalize on our of our opportunities. The numbers will take care of themselves."

Q: Is Bubba Franks in better physical condition this season?
"Bubba is in outstanding shape. He's catching the ball and moving well (in practices). His feet are moving well blocking on the line. He's quick off the ball. I look forward to him having a good year."

Q: Is Donald Lee ready to take over as the starter at tight end?
"Donald Lee is playing well. He stepped it up here in the off-season. He's come in. He's been real focused and real determined. I look forward to him having a great year. He has a real good hold on the offense right now. It will be exciting to see him progress here as the season goes along."

Q: Do you feel that all he needs is an opportunity to play on a consistent basis?
"He and Bubba both are going to play on a consistent basis. To have one guy do it all in this league is tough to do. We're going to spread the wealth, and they both are going to be consistent performers for us."

Q: Can fans expect to see a lot of two tight end formations this season?
"We're going to use them both, maybe one at a time. We're a multiple personnel oriented offense. We're going to use as many personnel groups as we can. Sometimes they will be on the field together, sometimes one, sometimes the other."

Q: Is Zac Alcorn an up-and-coming tight end for the Packers?
"When Zac got here, he didn't have a lot of football background from a true tight end perspective. He spent a lot of time split out as a receiver. He's had a lot of growing and a lot of learning to do. He is still right in the middle of that, but he's progressed well, and he is continuing to fight through some things. We look forward to him having a good year, and he has a positive upside.

Q: Do you sense that he was a lot more comfortable in training camp this year than last year?
"Well, we were kind of short of numbers (early in camp) so I don't know if he was ever comfortable. He may have been comfortable being uncomfortable, but he's got a better feel for the offense than he did a year ago, that's for sure."

Q: What are your impressions of Clark Harris? BM: "Clark hasn't spent a lot of time blocking (at Rutgers), and we're trying to nip that in the bud right now. He's a young guy that has a long way to go. He has a lot to work on."

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