Coach's Corner with Joe Philbin managing editor Todd Korth interviewed Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin outside the locker room immediately after Green Bay's 16-13 win over Philadelphia Sunday at Lambeau Field. Here are Philbin's responses to questions:

Q: How would you assess the first regular season outing for the offense?
Joe Philbin:
"It was a little rough. It wasn't as smooth as we had hoped and not as productive as we had wanted. We got an assessment of where we are at. We've got a lot, a lot of work to do. A lot in every phase.

"I'm happy that the defense and special teams bailed us out. It's a team game and we're happy that we won the game, that's for sure."

Q: Was the offense limited without running back Vernand Morency and wide receiver Greg Jennings?
"Not necessarily. We still had two tight ends. We had four wide receivers. We had three running backs healthy. I don't know that it had that much of an impact. They (Eagles) are a fine defensive team and we probably didn't play as well as we need to."

Q: How do you think Brett Favre played today?
"I don't know that he had a lot of help. We probably didn't protect the quarterback as well as we would have liked, as well as we anticipated being able to. It was a day where there wasn't a whole lot of rhythm offensively at any point in time. I think we had one 12- or 13-play drive where we converted a few first downs, but it was a battle. It was a struggle. (Favre) hung in there, and he took some shots. He got hit pretty hard today. Overall, I'd say he did a pretty good job."

Q: Do you feel running back Brandon Jackson hit the holes OK?
"There didn't appear to me, from where I was watching the game, that there were a ton of gaping holes that he missed. At least that's what I saw, but you've got to be happy that the running backs protected the football. That's their No. 1 job, so they did that. I'm sure there's a cut here or there that could have been better, but overall it wasn't like we had gashes that we were missing."

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