Favre keeps faith in offensive line

Win over Giants makes him the league's all-time winningest quarterback

Brett Favre took little satisfaction out of an otherwise pleasurable 16-13 win over Philadelphia in the season opener Sunday.

He raised some eyebrows by uttering in the aftermath: "The competitive side of me is not letting me enjoy it as much as I should."

The particular veteran quarterback toned down the woe-is-me assessment Wednesday. Yet, Favre still isn't ready to turn the corner and start singing "Happy Days" because the offense he directs has a lot of problem solving to accomplish as the Packers inch toward a road date with the New York Giants on Sunday.

"It was just one of those games," Favre said of the punchless effort against the Eagles. "We've got to press forward."

The underdog Packers won in spite of an offense that didn't score a touchdown, netted but 215 total yards, gained only 46 rushing yards, moved the chains just 10 times and turned the ball over twice.

Everyone of significance in the unit was culpable. The line, regarded as the linchpin of the offense coming into the season, was dominated in all facets. Rookie halfback Brandon Jackson was, well, a rookie as he frequently was lax in finding and hitting the holes in his cutback runs. A short-handed receiving group was out of sync with Favre.

So, on Wednesday, Favre wavered between putting his arms around his offensive mates -- saying of some, "I believe in our offensive line. They've received a lot of high praise throughout the offseason, throughout last season and going into this season and training camp. Well deserved." -- and questioning whether he'll ever be able to enjoy a win this season.

"An opening game facing guys like that (the Eagles defense), it's tough. (But) can we make a living doing that every week? Probably not," Favre said. "But, I believe in those guys. Hey, if called upon, you've got to make plays. That's the bottom line.

"I think every quarterback would love to drop back and not have pressure and go through his reads. But, if called upon, you've got to make plays. I'm not concerned."

The Giants could be just the tonic Favre and Co. need to take the pressure off Green Bay's special teams and defense for winning a second straight game. New York's defense was run and passed over by Dallas on Sunday night -- surrendering 478 yards and 45 points -- and likely will be without Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who suffered a knee injury in the game.

Favre needs only one victory to become the league's winningest quarterback. He is tied with John Elway at 148.

Putting points on the board is Favre's top objective, however.

"I expect us to score. I expect to lead this team down and score every time; I really do," he said. "That's not just talking. I really believe that. To not score at all is beyond disappointing, and I take that personally, as I should."

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