Packers-Giants: Key matchups

Harris vs. Burress; McKenzie vs. Kampman; Driver vs. Webster

Packers CB Al Harris vs. Giants WR Plaxico Burress
Harris is expecting the Giants' own injury-battered offense to go right at him because he has only one good arm after suffering a sprained right elbow in the opener.

Although Harris's range of motion will be an issue, Harris probably still will be put on Burress, the Giants' top receiver. Harris is giving up four inches and about 40 pounds to Burress, but is confident he can be effective in the first matchup between the elite players since 2000, when Burress was a rookie with the Steelers and Harris was a nickel back with the Eagles.

Packers RT Mark Tauscher vs. Giants DE Michael Strahan
The uncertainty that Umenyiora will play because of a knee injury probably means increased roles for some, including Strahan, who's working himself into game shape after an August hiatus. Strahan has made a lucrative living on the left side of the line, highlighted by his league-record sack at the expense of Favre at the end of the 2001 season. Tauscher must bounce back from an atypical downer of a performance against the Eagles to keep Strahan from renewing acquaintances with Favre in the backfield.

Giants RT Kareem McKenzie vs. Packers LDE Aaron Kampman
McKenzie will have to deal with Kampman, especially if the Giants' starting QB is the left-handed Jared Lorenzen. McKenzie is much more a run blocker and might have a more difficult time if he is constantly pass blocking.

Giants RCB Corey Webster (or rookie Aaron Ross) vs. Packers WR Donald Driver
Webster will have to deal with Green Bay's star WR at least occasionally on a one-to-one basis, and that could be the test for either one of them. Favre is a genius at isolating his hot receiver and neither of the young CBs (Webster is in his third season) has had much success thus far.

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