From the Giants' camp

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning addressed questions from the New York media this afternoon:

Q: How is Eli?
Tom Coughlin:
He is getting better. It is encouraging. He is doing a little bit more on the side. He didn't take snaps or anything. He did some center-quarterback exchange on the side. He will be better and it is encouraging each day.

Q: When?
That's all I have to say. He has to get better. The doctors have to clear him.

Q: Will he be playing?
I don't know.

Q: Do you imagine that this could come down to maybe a game-time decision?

Q: How about (kicker) Lawrence Tynes?
He is scheduled to kick tomorrow.

Q: How pleased are you with Jared Lorenzen's work in practice?
He had a pretty good day today. I was pleased.

Q: Will the game plan in any way, shape or form be scaled back with an inexperienced quarterback?
No. You won't probably be able to detect that. There may be some things – the packages may have a little less in them but the packages will be there.

Q: After what you have seen from Derrick Ward this week how confident are you in him going into Sunday?
We have been confident in Derrick because of the preseason. And of course he played well the other night, too. He is excited about playing and we are excited about it as well.

Q: In light of what has gone on with Eli Manning, and even Chad Pennington, in this town, do you marvel at a guy like Favre in his 17th season who is starting his 250-some odd games?
No question. I spoke about that today. I think it is just an incredible run that he has had. Just goes to, again, the quality of the player and the idea that he has been able to play through some things. I know he has been injured and he has played with the injuries. You have to take you hat off to him.

Q: Is he still dangerous?
Oh, no question about it. Oh, yeah. He is athletic; he moves around, he avoids the rush. We saw two plays he made last week that were unbelievable where he got out of a jam and got the ball to a back and the back advanced the ball down the field. He did just one of those things that most guys wouldn't be able to do.

Q: He has been somewhat more prone to mistakes later on in his career. Does that put an added emphasis on your defense to put pressure on him?
Well, I think any quarterback – that is the name of the game – is to try to force some kind of errors. But he is still extremely dangerous, no doubt.

ELI MANNING Q: How are you feeling?
Eli Manning:
I'm feeling better. Better than I did on Monday and Tuesday. So that is the good news. I'm improving but still have some work to do.

Q: Do you feel like you have to be 100% to play Sunday?
I think I have to feel – I know my body better than anybody. We'll just make a decision the next couple of days – hopefully I can keep improving and get better. If I feel I can make all of the throws and help out this team and put us in a situation to win, then I will play.

Q: Are you telling yourself, "I'm playing on Sunday?" Do you keep in that mind-frame?
I think so. That is kind of how you have to go – just have the mind-set, 'I have to get better; I have to improve. I have to do everything I can in the treatment room and everything I can to rehab it to get this going,' and have the mentality of playing and that mind-set and hopefully it works out for me.

Q: How much did you do today in terms of throwing and how much do you plan to do in the next 48 hours?
Just see how it feels. We tossed a little bit, but I still have some work to do.

Q: Are you on any pain medication?
No pain, no medication.

Q: No pain?
No, not much pain.

Q: If you can't go Sunday, how confident are you in the ability of Jared Lorenzen to lead this team?
Jared will be fine. He knows what he is doing. He has been here long enough. But we will see how it goes on Sunday.

Q: Obviously you have been working together and have discussed that possibility?
Jared and I always meet after practice and watch film together and go over the plan and just our thoughts on different things. So it stays the same way. I told him, 'Hey, I'm here – let's keep our same schedule going; keep our same routine. If you have questions, we'll watch practice and go over certain things.' But he knows what he is doing.

Q: Taking into account what you are going through with your injury, does that make you appreciate a guy like Favre, who has 250-some odd games in a row?
Sure. It is an incredible feat what he has done, just hard work and dedication. It is a tough thing to do, so hopefully I can keep my streak going.

Q: How inclined are you Sunday morning to come here to the Stadium and try to throw and convince them to try to let you play if at that point they have decided not to?
Again, talking to the doctors – it is all based on how I feel and what I think I can do. If I can make all of the throws and am not going to make anything worse, we'll take it from there.

Q: Do you know what you are going to do tomorrow?
I don't know. We'll see how it feels when I wake up in the morning and go from there.

Q: Are you concerned about that first hit on Sunday?
No, no concerns about the first hit.

Q: If you do play on Sunday, what is your take on what you see on film with the Packers?
The Packers have a good defense. They have a good front four, they do a good job of getting a rush on the quarterback with not doing a whole lot of blitzing. They will bring some pressure but they play aggressive – a lot of man-to-man and say, "You are going to out-perform us to have big plays and move the ball." That's what you have to do. It's not so much the scheme – it's about our guys beating their guys if we are to be successful.

Q: What are you feelings on Derrick Ward taking over for Brandon Jacobs?
I think Derrick will be fine. He knows what he is doing. He knows the offense. He has been here for a number of years. He has had good performances when he has been in the games in the past. Last week he proved that and ran the ball well; caught the ball well and ……some screens. So I think he will be fine……

Q: How badly do you want to be out there for the fact that it is the home opener?
It's not the fact that it is the home opener – you just want to be out there for every game. You only get so many of these and every game is important and you have to try to get a win. So I want to be out there to try to help this team and get a victory.

Q: Eli, just to be clear on this, do you believe it is going to be your decision as to whether or not you are going to play; the doctors have actually put it in your hands?
I will talk to the doctor, it's everybody – he doesn't know how I feel or what I can do or what it feels like when I am going through my workouts and my routines and rehab. So it's just a matter of whether he thinks I can make all of the throws and do everything and be in a position to be successful in playing on Sunday.

Q: Can you play well having not practiced at all this week?
Definitely. I know our offense; I know what we are doing. I go through the mental reps and so I can definitely be mentally ready to play.

Q: Are you feeling any pain right now?
No. No pain.

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