Here are some of Packers' coach and general manager Mike Sherman's comments this week on the Chicago Bears:

on not playing in Madison at Camp Randall during renovation: "I credit Bob Harlan for having the foresight to realize how important it was to be at home and what an advantage it is to play at Lambeau during this reconstruction. I'm very appreciative that he made that call." on Bears' conservative offense: "I think the Bears have a very good offense. There approach is to be efficient throwing the football. I don't think you have to throw the ball every down to win football games. You play great defense, you're efficient throwing the football, you don't turn it over, you control the clock, you win football games that way."

on Bears defense:

"They have a solid defense, from their safeties to their front, to their linebacker. They have what I consider the best linebacker in football in Urlacher. Brown is a tremendous safety. They have a great defensive front. They don't have a weakness on defense in my mind. We have our hands full."

on road success (eight straight wins) vs. Bears:

"We're going to go down there against a team that wants to beat our butt. If we rely on any psychological advantage, we'll be sadly dealt with. ... This is the Bears. This is a new season. We're a new team. They're a new team, even though there are familiar faces. You have to prove yourself every week in this league. I don't know if there are a lot of pyschological advantages whenever you travel on the road, to be honest with you."

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