From the locker room

Here are quotes, courtesy of the Giants public relations department, from Brett Favre and other Packers after today's 35-13 win over the Giants:

Q: When you are as on as you were in the second half do you really need an effective running game? You seemed to just be carrying the team?
Brett Favre:
It all depends. I thought we were executing the short passing game as well as we have in recent memory and to me I think that offsets the running game if we are struggling. They go hand-in-hand. As we threw the ball better, when we spread them out and did run the ball, what DeShawn (Wynn) did at the end there is what can happen. At some point you have to play one or the other. You have to eliminate the short passing game. For us, I think that phase of our game has been there. It is about good decision making first of all, and from a receiver's standpoint, exact routes, because it is short and the ball is out quick. My decision is obviously always critical, but in those situations it is extremely critical and it opens up the run game. Did we need it today? I guess not, but next week probably so, probably who knows? Today it worked for us.

Q: What does it mean for the confidence of the team to get off to a 2-0 start?
It is sure better than 0-2. I hope our team, with being as young as we are, or as they are, I know what is ahead of us and to start 2-0 with as many question marks as we had or have I am pleased. I can't say enough about this team and the way that we have handled adversity. Once again, we have a long ways to go and it only gets tougher. The more we win, the better we play, the more there is a target on your back, and how we handle it, and I have said this about my own career, how you handle success is ultimately as important as how you handle adversity. If we start believing what people are saying, and I don't know what people are saying, but we are 2-0; we have a lot of work to do. Including myself, today was great from an offensive standpoint, something we didn't do last week, but I know we play San Diego next week and the walls can crash down on you quickly. It means a lot, it means we are 2-0, but we still have 14 left and they only get tougher as we go.

Q: You have six in a row in the regular season, what does that say about this team?
I wouldn't call it six in a row, I know it you go back to last year it counts, but this is a new year and there are a lot of new faces once again. To me, I don't think we have played all that well. If you look at last week, our defense played outstanding and our special teams played great. Today we played pretty good on offense but there were still some opportunites that we left out there. To be honest with you, going into these two games there were question marks about our offense, about our team, and I would be the first to say that from my end. Wondering where we are? Where do we stand? What are we trying to do? What do we hang our hat on? Yet we are 2-0 and today was a lot more effective offensively. For us it is a lot of minuses but winning the game is the most important thing. If you want to call it 6-0 I don't know, because I don't feel like we are a 6-0 team right now. I am not downplaying our team, I think what we have done is outstanding, but I am going to keep riding away as long as I can, but we have to continue to get better week in and week out.

Q: Winningest quarterback in NFL history, does that mean a lot to you?
Maybe one day down the road. It won't mean a lot if we lose next week. The most important play is the next play; the most important game is the next game. What you have done in the past is in the past. I thrive on the fact that I have played in a lot of games and if they want to say that I have won that many, great, but the most important thing on my mind right now is trying to find out a way to beat San Diego, which could be very difficult.

Q: You downplay how you played, setting a record, and getting a game ball, but you must feel pretty good about it?
Yeah. I am not going to sit here and lie to you, I am not going to turn it down, but I have always been about the team. That hasn't changed. They do give out, from day one, when I was in fifth grade, they give out trophies for individual achievements and that hasn't changed. I would much rather take a win. I have said this all week and in the past; I think it is unfair that a quarterback gets labeled with wins and losses; I think it is a team effort and last week is a perfect example. I didn't do nothing last week and they gave me a win. I give it to our defense and special teams, but it does mean a lot.

On the expectations:

"I don't think we are going to sneak under the radar. I don't think we have for the last two weeks. I think teams came expecting to play. The Giants in that first half came out and were trying to be physical with us. They had a lot of intensity, so we matched it and played football."

On the interception:

"It was going to be a screen. Eli had a lot of pressure on him. He was dropping back and Kabeer did a great job of picking up the running back so he couldn't go to him. He threw it right to me. I caught it and took off. I didn't see him till the last minute. We have a good thing going. We just have to continue it."

On the offense:

"It was a good thing for us to take care of business. Last week the offense wasn't clicking but today we were clicking pretty well. That is the thing that everybody kept dwelling on, that the offense hasn't put points on the board. We wanted to prove everyone wrong and put up some points."

On winning the first two games:
"I haven't felt like that in a long time. That is a good thing to be sitting at 2-0 and we have a big game next week against San Diego. The offense has to play well next week so we take care of business."

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