Sydney Speaks! All about timing

Harry Sydney explains why the Green Bay Packers, despite injuries to some key players, may be catching the San Diego Chargers at the right time of the season

Look at what's happened thus far with the Green Bay Packers. Not only have they won two straight games, but they have won them against the team that owned them in recent years in the Eagles. Then they beat the Giants on their home turf, which is hard to do.

As I look at it, the teams that make the adjustments usually win the games and the Packers did that in their two wins. The Packers faced the Eagles at the perfect time, then they faced the Giants again right after they got beat by Dallas to open Sunday Night Football. Can you see where I am going? Let me further explain, my friend!!!

As I see it, this weekend's game could either have us asking more questions, or thinking this team just might be better than many of us think. Especially if the Chargers play the way they looked the other evening when they had to deal with what the Patriots did to them. Talk about an embarrassment. What was seen as a clash of the titans turned into a trip out to the wood shed and you have to know the Chargers didn't like the taste of what happened, but I don't think that Norv Turner is the guy that can figure it out in time.

This is that early game of the year that, as a staff, you really hope you get because no one is expecting you to win. Mike McCarthy and his staff have an opportunity to shock the National Football League if they can walk away with a win. Make no mistake about it they can and here's how!!!!!

Make Philip Rivers beat them. If I were the coordinator I would send the kitchen sink at Rivers. I would blitz him almost every play and hope that Al Harris and Charles Woodson do what they are paid to do, and that's lock up with the receivers.

This could be one of those pressure games where the Chargers wouldn't know if A.J. Hawk, Nick Barnett, Brady Poppinga or Atari Bigby would be blitzing, but the only thing Rivers would know was that the Packers will be getting after him every down. Then pray that whoever is covering Antonio Gates can just hold on, but then again he doesn't have to hold on forever because if Bob Sanders and Winston Moss are really paying attention they would realize as good as this defense is they can be better when they get turned loose. SO TURN THEM LOOSE!

Remember, this is one of those games that they can do it because they have really nothing to lose and everything to gain. Talk about having an identity game. Trust me, I haven't forgotten about stopping LaDainian Tomlinson because you can't. All you can do is slow him down and that's why they pay all that money to Cullen Jenkins, Aaron Kampman, Ryan Pickett. Can this defense shut down the Chargers offense? Not by themselves. That's why the "X" Norv Turner probably will help the Packers out especially if he coaches the way he did against the Patriots. What I am hoping for is that the defense will cause turnovers and score some points and take some pressure off the offense. Now to the offense!!!!

If the running game does anything it will be a bonus, but then again we saw how Brett handles a lack of running game last week when he was sharp as he got rid of the ball using the quick throws, the staple of the "West Coast Offense". If he can distribute the ball like that this week he might be able to eliminate some of the pressure of Shawne Merriman because if they don't he will be in Brett's face all game long and no one wants that. He is a BEAST and to be honest with you I don't think there is anyone on the offensive line that can stop him on a regular basis.

Because the Chargers use a 3-4 defense there just might be more running room, but unfortunately I haven't seen anything from the offensive linemen to make me think this week will be any different, regardless of whether Jackson or Wynn will be in the backfield.

The reason I say that Brett will have to duplicate last week's performance is because the Packers don't have any body named Stallworth or Moss, and I don't think they are threatened by James Jones, if he plays, going deep. Brett will have to work his magic and manage the game. But then again this isn't Brett's first rodeo. He has faced tough competition his whole career I just hope he gets some help this week and if he does the Packers just might pull off the upset crazier things have happened.

Can this team be special three weeks in a row? Can it be a major factor again? Can Williams return a kickoff? Or could Mason Crosby hit another game winner? I think so!!! I don't know if all of this can happen. I don't know if Brett can play the way he did last week. I hope he can and I hope the defense can play an aggressive physical football game and go to a level that allows them to develop a swagger. But the most important thing is that they seize the moment and take an opportunity to really take advantage of having a team that's struggling with finding themselves because sometimes it's ALL ABOUT TIMING and so far the McCarthy's clock is working!!!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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