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Fans offer their opinions on 3-0 start; Favre-Marino comparison; progress of team

Other division far worse than NFC North
How long will it be until people stop talking about the NFC North being the worst division in football? How about the NFC South or the AFC West?
Tom Voss, voss.tom@gmail.com, Lincoln, NE

A little too much love this early for Favre?
Hey Todd,
I was poking around the web site ... and through a few discussions w/ friends and family ... I'm getting sick of the praise for Favre this season. First of all, when was the last time he connected on a pass he had to throw more than 30 yards in the air? I don't even remember because it's been that long. He has made a few superb plays this season w/out a doubt, however, a lot of his success has come in the dink and dunk of the West Coast offense. Any QB can be successful in the West Coast, that is the purpose of it. In fact, last week he threw a couple passes that hit San Diego defenders in the hands and should have been picked. I specifically remember a pass he threw heading to the right side of the TV screen in the red zone that hit, I believe it was Cromartie, right in the hands in the end zone. It was a horrid pass, but no one cared because it was dropped. Those passes won't be dropped all season, I don't believe.

I mean, I am all for giving Favre praise for his accomplishments this season, let's not mistake that here, but lest we not forget the Favre of the last few years also. I know that he has been smarter with the ball this year to date, and he has more to get excited about for sure this season which may or may not be making him play harder and in turn supposedly "better"...but let's be careful here when it comes to Favre. After all, he owes us a full season of this to make up for the bonehead things we've suffered through over the last 2 or 3 years.

I appreciate all he has done for the organization just as much as the next guy, but let's not get the wagon ahead of the horses here. It's been 3 games, the Favre praise can settle down a decent amount as far as I'm concerned. It's been a great start to the season, and Brett needs to continue to play at this level if we are to keep being successful, can he?? I'm not sure, we will find out...but I sure hope so! !
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Favre far better than Marino
After watching that miserable showing last night of Inside The NFL I felt compelled to write the following in regards to Dan Marino versus Brett Favre. We all know the raw numbers, but there are some numbers not being mentioned. That I feel should be said.

Marino played for 17 years in NFL. He was a member of the fabulous class of 1983 which included Jim Kelly, John Elway and himself. We know that John Elway went to 5 Super Bowls, Kelly to 4 and Marino 1. Brett Favre has been to 2 Super Bowls.

When they were playing it was always Elway versus Marino. Bill Walsh the greatest coach of that time and a man that knew quarterbacks called Marino the best pure passer he had ever seen, but he would choose Elway over him due to his lethality in bringing teams back to victory in the fourth quarter and especially in the waning 2 minutes of games. He called Elway the best athlete he had ever seen at QB.

Paul Attner from The Sporting News wrote in 1999 "But I always felt Marino damaged team chemistry more than his rival. His hot temper and willingness to upbraid teammates in public always cast him in a less enduring light than Elway, whose unchallenged toughness made him an easy figure for his peers to love.

Their personalities differ as well. Marino can be a surly, foul-mouthed, sarcastic sort, a Pittsburgh kind of guy with a lot of opinions and little patience with questioners" Brett Favre through his foundation has raised over $4,000,000 for the people of Wisconsin and Mississippi. I cannot find anything that says Marino did such work. Favre has also assisted Donald Driver in his foundation work.

In his 17 years Marino played in 13 playoff games, in 16 years Favre has been a starter he has played in 20 playoff games. In championship and Super Bowl games Favre has 102 rating versus 79 for Marino.

I cannot find any statistics how many times Marino has led his team from behind in the fourth quarter or in the final 2 minutes, but I doubt he even comes close to matching Favre. In articles I have read that is one of the biggest reasons that Elway was always chosen over Marino.

The one career statistic that Marino crushes Favre in is 300 yard passing games. Marino had 60 and if my math is correct including last Sunday's game against the Chargers Favre has had 39.

Marino played on a team with an offense that was tailor made for him. Due to his injuries he was a statue in the pocket. The Dolphins surrounded him with what was at the time the biggest offensive line in the NFL who were phenomenal pass blockers, but lousy run blockers. They always spoke of the Dolphins having a bad running game, but the reality is that the running backs ran behind a terrible run blocking line.

From the raw numbers to the intangibles to the individual persons Brett Favre surpasses Dan Marino in every category possible. On Inside The NFL they lamented how bad the Chargers secondary is and their defense the last two games. The reality is that the Chargers faced two - QBs Tom Brady and Favre - who are two of the greatest QBs to ever play the game. Instead of leading with "the Chargers secondary is bad" I believe the better quote from Bob Costas should have said "two future Hall of Fame QBs torched what is a very good defense." There is no one on the Chargers schedule the likes of Favre and Brady except for Peyton Manning, so let us see how they do the rest of the year.
John F. King, jdripper07@gmail.com, Roanoke, VA

Packers indeed are headed in right direction
Hi Todd,
I thought I would chime in here for this week's letters:

Well my Packer friends, what a nice place to be! 3-0 and heading into a couple of tough divisional matchups. Who would have thought? As somewhat of a regular in this letters column, you can go back and read some of my previous letters that were rather critical of the team's front office and somber with regards to the team's chances this year. I did say, in my last letter, that maybe they know something we don't. And that appears to be the case. Without splurging on high-priced free agents, the Packers are winning on sheer preparation and readiness each week. This team is young, they are hungry, and they are playing together. Brett is excited and the guys are rallying around him and when Brett is happy, the fans in Green Bay are happy. Mike McCarthy, game ball to you for having this team ready to defeat three consecutive opponents who appeared in last year's playoffs!

There is no limit to what they can do this year. As long as this team stays healthy and takes one week at a time, it will reach success that no one gave it a chance to during this off-season. The big key will be to watch how these young guys handle success and, eventually, bumps in the road. I love this team, but anyone is a longshot to go 16-0 these days so there will be weeks where they are on the other sideline.

I am now a firm believer in our coaching staff and I am gaining a lot of confidence in the front office as well. I still think that Ted T can get busy in free agency over the next few years and with the success that the team is having, there will be guys wanting to come. It's still early to compare to the 1995-98 era, but this is a step in that direction.

Pay close attention to how this team comes out against Minnesota Sunday. While no team can afford any losses, this is one we really need to get. First divisional game of the year and one that the Pack will now be favored to win. As long as they are prepared and come out ready to play mistake-free football, we can make it 4-0. Either way, kudos to the Green Bay Packers for an outstanding first three weeks of the 2007 season!
Jason, jasonperone@yahoo.com, Chandler, AZ
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