Sydney Speaks! Lock him up!

Can it get any better for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers?'s Harry Sydney thinks so, and also provides his reasoning for why it is important to extend the contract of coach Mike McCarthy.

First, let me say it was an outstanding win Sunday when the Packers went into the Metrodome and beat their rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. Congratulations to Brett Favre for breaking Dan Marino's touchdown pass record. Brett deserves all the praise that is coming his way. Normally I go into great detail about the game we witnessed and I break down the offense, defense and special teams. I will do it quickly because there is something more important I need to talk about. So let's get to it.

It was about Brett Favre playing under control. He has been playing with so much poise it seems like he's a man playing with boys. He seems to stay one step ahead of the defense whether it's checking to different audibles, or getting out of plays all together. Whatever it is, he's playing at MVP form. I don't think there is anyone in the league contributing more to their team's success than him, it's that simple.

Of course he's not doing it by himself. Favre is getting help from Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones as well as Bubba Franks, and Brett's new weapon, Donald Lee, and he knows that.

As much as all these records are individual accomplishments, Brett knows that he couldn't have gotten this far without the help of many of his teammates from the past and present. Which leads me to recognize another great job of pass protection from the guys up front - Clifton, Tauscher, Wells, Colledge and Coston give Brett the time he needed. Of course I'd talk about the running game if there was one!!!!!!

To be honest they got a break and that break was that Brad Childress, the Vikings head coach, wasn't smart enough to see that every time Adrian Peterson touched the ball something happened. This defense is bending and not breaking and that's OK as long as it is winning and getting better because the Packers are doing both.

Even though I didn't like all the defensive penalties I did like the toughness and attitude that Al Harris and Charles Woodson displayed showing in-your-face hard, man-to-man defense. Also, I liked seeing Aaron Kampman take advantage of his power and speed because, up to this point, even though they have been playing good as a team I've felt that some individuals haven't been playing up to the level of expectations for whatever reason. On Sunday, Kampman, Bigby, Pickett and Kabeer raised up their game and hopefully Jenkins, Hawk and Poppinga will jump on board because if they do they will get into the top 5 defenses in the National Football League. Just think about it, as good as this defense has been it will only get better. Since I mentioned better let's talk about Mike McCarthy!!!!

Mike McCarthy has brought winning back to Green Bay. He had a method to his madness from the first day he got to Green Bay. This team is on an eight-game winning streak and off to a 4-0 to start. Trust me, it's not just about winning but how he has this team winning. He has done the most important thing a coach can do and that's have his players believe in the coaches and their teammates. He has convinced Brett Favre to believe in him. He has brought a philosophy on how to run the ball and realizes it hasn't been working. Instead of being stubborn like many coaches would have been, he has simply adjusted instead of letting his ego get into the way. Mike McCarthy has never moaned or groaned about what he doesn't have, he just makes it work with what he does have.

Last year was a year of many new faces in the position of head coach. Oftentimes we wonder what the measuring stick is for whether a coach has it or not. Sometimes the criteria is based on wins and losses and if that's the case Mike McCarthy in his career is 12-8 up to this point as a head coach with an eight-game winning streak and is re-establishing home field advantage. Not bad if you consider last year's mistakes by him, his staff and the players as well as all the drama that surrounded him getting the job.

Then of course he has dealt with the Brett drama, Bates leaving and no defensive direction and all the drama that has surrounded the Mike Sherman draft picks, or lack of them as well as some might consider the lack of Ted Thompson's support when it comes to his decisions on how to be involved with free agency, or lack of involvement. Everyone wondered when Mike got the job how would he do or what did he bring to the table?

As I see it all questions have been answered. Mike McCarthy is in the second year of his three-year deal and has this team playing good football and winning even though it hasn't even scratched the surface of how good it can be. Let me say it again: the Packers are 4-0 and I don't know what the powers at be are waiting for. I hope they aren't waiting for Bob Harlan's replacement because that could take a while because Bob's shoes will be hard to fill. The last two coaches were fired because the Packer organization didn't like the direction the team was going. I understand that because business is business. So with that being said, Mike McCarthy has this team going in the right direction, so reward the man. If anyone that signs the checks is reading this: LOCK HIM UP!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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