Bears will stick with Griese

Grossman's replacement was ineffective in first start

Brian Griese will remain the starting quarterback, although coach Lovie Smith didn't toss around any superlatives when discussing the performance at that position in the first game since Rex Grossman's benching.

"We threw the ball a lot," Smith said. "I just think it's hard to find a lot of good in anything you do if you lose the game. That's not the type of effort we need to have from any of our team, (from) me on down. To talk about good things really is pretty hard on a day like (Sunday)."

The Bears had high hopes for an improved and much more explosive offense this year with the addition of first-round tight end Greg Olsen, third-round running back Garrett Wolfe and the move of Devin Hester to wide receiver from cornerback.

"I'm still expecting it," Smith said. "Right now we've finished the first quarter (of the season). We have all those weapons that we talked about. Hopefully we'll be able to see them."

But those weapons won't become visible until Griese plays more effectively than he did in his first start last week after replacing Grossman as the starting quarterback. In his first start in two years, Griese was picked off three times, twice killing scoring drives deep in the red zone and later having his last interception returned for a touchdown. He was also sacked six times for minus-52 yards, taking away from the 286 yards he accumulated while completing 34 of 52 passes.

Griese didn't play appreciably better than Grossman, but the Bears' problems on offense go deeper than the quarterback position. There have been 10 dropped passes in the past two games, the offensive line appears to have gotten very old very quickly and the running game is one of the NFL's worst.

It all adds up to a 1-3 record.

"We're where we are because we're not executing well," said offensive coordinator Ron Turner, who is coming under fire. "We're not making plays when we have opportunities and we're turning the ball over. That's all of us; I'm not pointing at those guys (the quarterbacks). It's all of us; we've all got to look at ourselves and do a better job."

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