Coach's Corner with Mike Stock

Longtime special teams coordinator says Hester the best returner he has ever seen

Q: What do you feel are Devin Hester's biggest strengths?
Mike Stock:
"It's instant fourth gear, that's the thing. He's got one step and then, bang, he could be gone. The acceleration that he has is extraordinary. He's probably one of the most (pauses) the best that I've ever seen."

Q: Do you try to corner Hester, or do you kick away from him?
"There are a lot of ways, but what you try to do is change up the tempo and the rhythm of his ability to go over nice and easy and catch the football. Hopefully, you can destroy that rhythm."

Q: Is it easier to just kick the ball out of bounds, or is there too much to give up?
"It depends on the rushes (on punts) and whether we can get that done or not. … You've got to be careful that you don't overstep the width of the protection unit."

Q: How good is Jon Ryan at directional kicking? MS: "We've been a little bit better this year than we were a year ago. We'll see how it works. We have a plan and we'll try to carry it out.

"It's a situation where you've got to continually practice, so you have muscle memory to carry it out."

Q: What are your impressions of the Packers-Bears rivalry?
"I went to Northwestern (University) so this goes back to when I was in college to know what this rivalry is all about. This is top of the line. This is as good as you get. This is Yankees-Red Sox, or however you want to equate it. This is one of the all-time great rivalries in sports."

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