Ex-Packers coach comments on Favre

Holmgren talks about Favre's attriubutes; addresses vacant team president position

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren spoke with Chris Myers and Sean Farnham on 'The Drive' on Fox radio Thursday about Brett Favre. Here are some comments from Holmgren, who coached the Packers from 1992-98:

Q: What are your thoughts on Brett Favre?
MIKE HOLMGREN: "He's an amazing young man - he's not so young anymore, but compared to me, he's still young! Yeah, I did. I was very, very happy for him. It was gonna happen sooner or later. What I've always said, I've said two things, one, he'll set yardage records, touchdown records, all those things. The greatest record is his playing record. I think, without a doubt, playing all those games in a row without having to sit one out is the most amazing record.

Secondly, as proud as I am of him as a football player and seeing him growing up as a football player, he is really - what he's done as a father and a husband, and where he is now in his life, I really feel good about that. He has a wonderful family and a wonderful wife. He's an all-round good guy. I look forward to the time when I don't have to coach again and maybe I can just play in his golf tournament!"

Q: Where does Brett Favre rank all-time as a quarterback?
"I think he ranks right up near the top. I've been privileged to have coached Joe Montana and Steve Young and they're both in the Hall of Fame and Brett will be in the Hall of Fame and to compare those guys is a tough deal. I just think that he has had a tremendous career. He deserves to be mentioned in the greatest quarterbacks of all-time absolutely and my own personal favorite growing up was Johnny Unitas, so I gotta stick him in there too, but they're all great. He certainly is up there at the top."

Q: Has he heard of the rumors that he might be given the president title of the Green Bay Packers?
"Yeah! I have! I have heard that one! Well, you know what? I'm flattered that I would even be mentioned! I have a lot of good friends there. It's a wonderful place. I don't know! It would be interesting!"

Q: Does he feel his Seattle Seahawks fly under the rader being in the Northwest and his love for the city.
"Well, I think there's a certain advantage to that. In Green Bay, absolutely everyone knows what's going on and sometimes in Seattle, people, you know the rest of the country, are not quite sure even where we are, but it is a wonderful place to live. It's a great city. The fans are very excited about football. Our stadium rocks, you know, when the visitors come in there. I'm very happy here, I want you to know that up front, and I'm just glad that football is important again up here!"

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