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Fans offer their input on Favre, the Packers' running game, Harrell

If only Favre had a few more weapons around him
Hello Todd;
I just want to reply in short to the article I just read about Favre and a reporter admitting that he was incorrect about Favre in respect to retiring early.

What I do not understand is if a player has not lost his ability but has not put up his average stats for the last two years. I would first look at the surrounding players on the team. To me that would tell me if you had decent players around you that you could still put up your normal numbers. Favre has had honestly very poor overall talent around him for two seasons and even the ones that were decent got hurt and missed time . Plus then the players that were inserted had to be able to just jump in and play well. That just does not happen in this team sport of NFL football.

Favre now has a decent team around him with a good defense. So his play shows the improvement. I only wish Favre had a great line and a great running game to go along with the rest. Then he could put some distance between his team and the others in the divison and catch up to the other good teams in the NFL like New England. I also would then know that his "stats" would go way up and with the very good coaching he is getting from MM and I could see him having a career season.

But still with not all the parts together, the greatness of Favre has his team at 4-0 and playing hard. Favre has so many more intangibles than any other QB I have ever seen or read about.. I truly believe he is the greatest QB to ever play the game. With such intensity loyalty, fairness, he is having fun playing a sport that he loves. There is no other like him.
Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie, Pa.

Other division far worse than NFC North
Hello Todd,
Until the resurgence of the Pack and Brett Favre this season, I had given up on Brett's ability to surpass the "iron man" records in the NFL and major league baseball. He claims that he is not playing to set records. Do you think that he has these in mind, now that he has reached 241 consecutive starts and the immediate future looks good?

With an additional 29 consecutive starts, Brett would match Jim Marshall's NFL record of 270 consecutive starts. He would reach that mark in the first game of the 2009 season. However, it might be tough for him to come back both in 2008 and 2009.

I think a fair comparison of football and baseball iron man records can be made on the basis of the number of seasons covered by consecutive games streaks. Cal Ripken Jr.'s streak of 2632 games covered 16.25 seasons, at 162 games per season. That number of seasons would be covered by 260 NFL games, at 16 games per season. Therefore, Brett would match the Ripken record with 19 more consecutive starts, which would occur in the seventh game of the 2008 season. Reaching Ripken's mark is more feasible than reaching Marshall's.

Now that I've written this to you, Brett might play another five seasons. That would give him 321 consecutive starts. Aaron Rodgers may be receiving Social Security checks by the time Brett hangs it up.
Bill Sperber, brsperber@comcast.net, Minnetonka, MN

Favre playing at an MVP pace
What is so shocking in all of this? One thing does need to happen NOW! A running game!! Less than 3.0 yards a carry being 32nd in the National Football League, is not going to cut it, not by any means! If we remember 1972 the Packers had no passing game being 31st in the National Football League in passing. That year the Packers quarterback Scott Hunter completed less than 50% of his passes but, the running game was there under John Brockington and McArthur Lane, who almost ran for 2,000 yards that season! It was the top 5 in the National Football League that season! Can History repeat itself but in a different way? All pass and no run?

If we are to believe "projected outcomes" Brett's would look something like this, 680 attempts 450 completions for 4,820 yards 32 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions for 65% and a passing rating of 97. Thinking about that is shocking in itself. Am I surprised? No because most of it can be reached. 4,800 yards might me tough and the 8 interceptions would be the lowest of Brett's career, but not too far off the mark. The passing rating would be the second best of Brett's career of 97 (99.5 was Brett's best back in 1995). Passing rating of 97 is not out of the question by any means!

And to think, most people were writing him off "saying he was done for," "He should retire!" Looks like to me that Brett is having a MVP year with MVP numbers and should have it by ALL accounts! Breaking ALL PASSING RECORDS! The Great Passing Records that is! The interception record as we all should know by now is a bogus stat by all accounts. Brett's 8,400 attempts to Blanda's just over 4,200 attempts. Need we say more? But yet for some reason sports experts, reporters and so on, for some reason keep bringing it up. It also looks like to me that No. 4 will be forever in memory not only for the Hall Of Fame, but 4-time MVP Awards. What a way to remember good supposedly, old No. 4.
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

Harrell was a waste of a draft pick
It is very nice to see the Packers winning this year. I do not know if they are that good or the others are that bad. It will be difficult to keep on winning as long as they can only rush for 40 some yards per game. I know that some feel that Ted Thompson is a genius because we are 4-0, but I believe he screwed up big time on draft day. He had his heart set on drafting Marshall Lynch at running back and when The Bills took him first I think he went to sleep. He picked an almost unknown defensive lineman, who was injured his whole senior year in college, with his highest pick. Then he traded his next best pick down about 20 spots so he lost at least two running backs rated by everyone to be better than Jackson who he picked next. Jackson also was injured a large part of his senior year.

The results of this is our #1 pick (16th overall) has not been activated in any of our 4 games as he evidently is not as good as the defensive linemen we already have. And our best running backs are either very low picks or a trade for someone cut by other teams and they are not getting any yardage or helping the offense.

In the future maybe TT should start looking to trade for some playmakers instead of accumulating six and seventh round draft picks most of who get cut by the time the season starts. It seems to work for New England year after year.
Jim Simon, donna-jim@sbcglobal.net, Idabel, OK

Good things will happen with Pack this year
I couldn't receive the Packer/Vikes game here on my TV, but I saw many spot replays on the tube that had me shouting all over the place. What a team and what a man Brett Favre. I have a good feeling about the Packers this year, a good well-rounded feeling. It seems that Brett is converting a lot of people here in Rhode Island to the Packer school. Go Packers Go!
Grant Davis, gddave28@yahoo.com, Warwick, RI

Packers need a running back
Hi Todd,
It's been great so far but if Thompson does not get us a bona fide running back we will be cooked. You cannot continue to win with NO running game.
Robert Millman, RFMillman@littler.com , Los Angeles, CA

Don't even think about it
If Mike McCarthy ever leaves the Green Bay Packers, they better not even think of replacing him with Norv Turner.
John F. King, jdripper07@gmail.com, Roanoke, VA

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