Sydney Speaks! Changing of the guards's Harry Sydney feels that the Green Bay Packers can officially become the team to beat in the NFC North Division this season by improving in certain areas tonight against the struggling Chicago Bears.

It's the Bear Week and everything is shaping up for one heck of a game. The Bears are fighting for their lives having gotten behind the 8 ball starting out with a 1-3 record. Then you have the Green Bay Packers standing on top of the NFC along with the Dallas Cowboys looking down at everyone else. This game for the Green Bay Packers is just as large for them as it is for the Bears, but for different reason so let me explain!!!!

The Green Bay Packers have a 4-0 winning record but they haven't played their best football yet. I know it sounds crazy, but they can and will be so much better when they really start playing on all cylinders on both sides of the ball.

Right now we all know that Brett Favre is playing probably better than he has in a very long time, which is making defensive coordinators lose a lot of sleep because they don't know how to stop him and this is what I mean. The defensive coordinators, because of how Brett is playing, have one choice to make and I call it "Pick your Poison." That means how do they want Brett to beat them? If they choose slow death, they have decided to rush four and count on Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Donald Lee, or Bubba Franks to drop balls and kill drives. Or they are expecting the old Brett Favre to show up and throw a couple of interceptions and are counting on the chains not moving. Slow death gives the Bears hope because they know their offense isn't clicking and that Cedric Benson isn't the same guy as Thomas Jones. So the longer they can make the game the better and they know they can't get behind and play catchup, especially with the fact that Griese hasn't shown he is the savior yet.

The other approach they could take would be to come after Brett, but I don't think they want to do that because they have seen just how good the offensive line has been in picking up blitzes. The offensive line has seen everything. Clifton, Tauscher, Wells, Colledge and Coston have gotten everything thrown at them by the Eagles, Chargers and Vikings and have weathered the storm, so they are probably hoping the Bears blitz so they can torch them, or at least that's what Brett is hoping for. So as I see it the Bears' only possibility of winning is if Brett has a bad day, and I don't see that happening for many reasons.

One of those reasons is Mike McCarthy. His play-calling has been outstanding. He has put this offense in position and hasn't let his ego get in the way. I know he wants to run, but because of different factors the running game has been a laughing matter and which has been even more amazing is that the Packers haven't had to run to win. I know that time will be coming soon, but it hasn't yet and they are 4-0 in the process.

This should be a coming out party for the defense because they haven't lived up to expectations in my mind yet. I expected the Packers to be more aggressive and get after people and that hasn't happened. I need to see them get after Griese and make him put the ball up for grabs. I need to see Cullen Jenkins and Aaron Kampman show up more on a consistent basis. I also want to see A.J. Hawk play with more wreckless abandon than we have seen so far. I know what to expect from Al Harris and Charles Woodson, and that's in your face hard man-to-man coverage. I also want to see Nick Barnett keep playing with the intensity, but at the same time don't play like a bull in a China shop. Go hard but at the right hole. If these things happen and Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly can keep holding down the point, they shouldn't have any problem with winning unless they make that one stupid mistake, and that too many coaches keep making.

That one mistake is very simple: The only way that the Bears can stay in the game and that's if the Packers are stupid enough to kick to Devin Hester. If the Packers don't do that and play the way they have been, there will be nothing to stop the Packers to complete the CHANGING OF THE GUARD.

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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