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Fans offer their thoughts on who is to blame in Packers' loss to Bears

Players weren't the only ones to screw up against Bears
I've read a few articles where Coach McCarthy is putting the blame on his players for Sunday's loss to the Bears. Is he in denial of his own mistakes? The Bears had no answer for the simple slant pass the Packers continually ran successfully in the first half, but McCarthy abandoned it in the second half in favor of his inept running game. Even John Madden commented on the fact that the teams had gone ultra conservative, playing "not to lose." Then there's the question of clock management in the last two minutes, with Farve & Co. showing no hustle, then Favre patting his foot like a circus clown several times before the ball was snapped, wasting valuable seconds. The Packers should have been able to run nearly twice as many plays in that last two minutes, putting themselves in better position to score. That, too, is on Coach McCarthy. C'mon, coach, get in the game!

Sign me a Packers fan who HATES losing to the Bears, especially at LAMBEAU!
Ken Parrish, KenParrish53@aol.com, Lynchburg, VA

Different team came out of locker room after halftime
Dear Packers,
I am never discouraged by my PACKERS. I love my PACKERS NO MATTER WHAT. But I would like to know what happened in the locker room during halftime of Sunday's game? The Packers went in and another team came out.. Were you kidnapped during half time? If so, get better security!! I'm serious! Please keep all out so the real PACKERS come back out on the field.
Sharon, sharonstthomas@mycidco.com, Caribou, ME

Observations on Packers
First of all, your articles are the best on the Packers!! I look forward to hearing your insights on how it REALLY is. And, yes, I did notice how Lawrence singled you out. I'm glad you addressed it properly, now let's move on to the Pack.

Just some of my observations:

1. I think Collins is now the weak point at safety, now that Bigby is playing solid! Collins is not a great tackler as Bigby is. Collins always tackles too high, and is not sound on tackling. Poppinga has to play better in coverage, but is good against the run. The difference between Poppinga and Collins, is Poppinga seems to have slowly but steadily improved since last year. If Collins doesn't start to show improvement in the tackling department, he is the next to be replaced.

2. What is the status of Cullen Jenkins? Is he still hurting? He just doesn't seem to have the tenacity and explosiveness he had before the rib injury. Cullen has to have something holding him back!!
Erik Grubel, Maryland

Are the Packers in good condition?
I am beginning to wonder where, in some cases, is the stamina for the Packers. It seems Jennings is getting x-rayed every time he coughs. In the first quarter, Wynn is getting the running game opened up. Next thing you know he is in the locker room taking fluids. Does McCarthy have the team conditioning? Working with the trainers? Some of the newer guys seem awfully fragile.
Mike Fosso, mfosso@harborfreight.com

Wynn has promise, but McCarthy's play-calling questionable
You may remember my email to you during the summer concerning the DeShawn Wynn potential and the benefit to him and the Packers if William Henderson could work with him during the pre-season. Well, it seems that Wynn's potential is there, as he clearly has a real knack for stepping through the line, and also running after a catch. I think he should be installed as a first, second and short yardage third down back, get plenty of reps, and be used in more "sweep" or screen plays. He could be great that way ... Hornung didn't have super speed either.

But, what's with McCarthy's game savvy? I thought we were past the obtuse Sherman play-calling. I'm thinking of a second-half series at a time when it was clear that we needed to regain momentum and ignite Favre and the Team with the short-passing game, and instead we ran three and out running plays (and not because of poor field position). When I saw that (and the crowd even did some restrained booing), I thought of all the games we blew under Sherman with "prevent" defenses, when it was clear that we should remain aggressive.

That series summed it up for me, not the turnovers, and is very troubling as to whether or not the coaching staff knows how to aggressively go after the win under changing, adverse circumstances during the heat of a game.
Benjamin C. Zitron, bzitron@breslinrealty.com , Garden City, NY

Officiating played a big part in loss to Bears
Hello Todd,
I have just finished watching the game five (5) times and I have never ever had such ill feelings for the way the officials called the game. They did everything they could for the Bears except put points on the board themselves. They ruined any and all timing or momentum that the Packers would need to move the ball and score points. Do you feel the refs missed the extra player on the field? I counted 13, and after the ball was snapped there were still 12 on the field.

Or how about the often used call (sarcasm) about lining up over the center? I stopped the play just like they did on the show and I saw him at an angle to the center and his helmet was way out over the shoulder pads of the center. I did not see the other call on how our player was running out of bounds on purpose to make the play. There were at least 3 more calls that were unreal. I have never used the officials as a reason for a loss. But this game was on the take.

With all the corrupt greedy A-moral people in this world today it is showing its ugly head more and more in sports. I think they should check the bank accounts of the officials in Sunday night's game. The Packers took it to them early and the refs gave it back to the Bears. Do you feel that the game was called fairly?
Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie, Pa.

The NFL admitted this week that the officials erred on penalizing Corey Williams for lining up over the center. Williams lined up the same way he always has since McCarthy became head coach, but was wrongly penalized. I also agree that the flag for running out of bounds was ticky tacky, and the spot that was challenged late in the game by McCarthy seemed way off from my point in the press box.
? Todd Korth

Wynn's poor conditioning is no big surprise
There is no great mystery to why Wynn was taking IVs during that game. The same reason he was looking over his shoulder running downfield. He is out of shape. It was the big complaint against him at Florida. He does not put in the effort to match his natural talents.
John F. King, jdripper07@gmail.com, Roanoke, VA

Bears game was sickening to this Packers fan
Nice game eh? I think I'm gonna go throw up some more. Could he have gotten anymore conservative? And let me tell you, I have to say I have never seen a team run a worse 2 minute drill at the end of a game needing a TD. Who throws 5-yard slants ACROSS THE MIDDLE with no timeouts left?? I've never seen that in the history of history. AND, on top of that, they wasted 20 seconds every down thereafter by walking to the line and Favre trying to get them to jump offsides or something.

I couldn't believe my eyes when they just let the clock tick and tick and tick w/ absolutely ZERO sense of urgency to go score. It made me sick. Favre's first game or what?? And what the hell was McCarthy doing on his run, run, run punt 3 and outs in the late 3rd quarter and ENTIRE 4th quarter? The refs didn't help, and I swear I felt like this game was rigged by bookies or something.

The Packers couldn't have done more to give the game away ... and they STILL had every chance to win. They have that much more talent than the Bears do, and I wouldn't trade our team for theirs under ANY circumstances. They may have won the game, but I would 100 million times over rather be a Packer fan this morning. They got so stinking lucky and it's clear to me we have the most talent in the division. This should have been a blowout, and everyone is too blame. I wanted to puke.
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Did McCarthy send message to Favre in second half?
Hi Todd,
Is it just me or did it seem like Mike McCarthy was sending a message to Brett Favre in that second half? I mean, we saw at the end of the first half, Brett was yelling at McCarthy about not taking a time out. Start the second half, the Packers run the ball, run the ball and run it some more. I understand that the Packers were trying to establish the run game and the Bears did a great job of making adjustments at the half, but I find it hard to believe that the Packers would completely abandon what has made them successful thus far this season.

It seems to me that McCarthy was sending a message to Favre about who calls the shots ... unfortunately, it seemed to backfire on him a little bit. I'm not saying that he intentionally sabotaged the team, but he had a good 20-10 lead (which should've been 34-10, except for Jones fumbles) and it seemed the Packers were in charge of the tempo of the game. In the third quarter, he only had Brett drop back to pass two times? That just seems awkward to me. Whatever happened, Mike was definitely out-coached in the second half. At any rate, I'd like to see your thoughts on the two different teams that played in the first and second half. Thanks!
Rick Sanchez, ricksanchez56@yahoo.com, Corona, CA

It definitely was a tale of two halves against the Bears. Give the Bears' defense credit. It played much better in the second half against the Packers, especially against the run, than in the first half. The Packers called the same running plays that were successful in the first half, but the Bears, especially Lance Briggs, was there to plug the gaps. It didn't help that Favre threw an ill-advised pick to Urlacher. That only gave the Bears a ton of momentum and confidence – two dangerous weapons that is hard for any team to stop.

-- Todd Korth

Penalties and mistakes, oh no!
Hi Todd,
Wow did that game suck! We looked like we should be 0 and 4! Brett has looked so good, but the old ‘I can do it,' throw the pick to Urlacher resurfaced! YUCK! Why didn't they bench WR James Jones for at least a quarter? Give him a ball, tell him to hold on to it while sitting on the bench, he will get the idea. How many penalties did we have? 12 for over 100 yards? YUCK! Well hope they can turn it around by next week. The Redskins are coming to town and they are playing well. Go Pack Go! Please?
Todd Thuss, toddly9@comcast.net, Beaverton, OR

Pin loss to Bears on coaching
Hey Todd,
I put sole responsibility for this loss on the shoulders of Mike McCarthy. He totally went away from the Packers' strength of what made them 4-0, letting Brett Favre sling the ball down the field. He was picking apart the Bears defense in the 1st quarter, but it seems those two fumbles took the wind out of their sails and they folded. But, they got their 2nd wind late in the 2nd quarter and went up 17-7 then Mike McCarthy decided to get conservative on offense and sit on the lead and let Chicago get right back in the game. Turning the ball over five times didn't help their cause much either, and the NFL decides to send the sorriest crew to officiate the game. Some of the lamest calls I've ever saw.

Let's hope this loss doesn't cause the team to implode.
Peter Schwind, petey.schwind@gmail.com, Lima Ohio

Packers lost to Bears in many ways
You like everyone else wants to blame this loss soley on fumbles, pass interceptions and penalties. Seems to me that coaches' failure on play-calling and poor clock management played some part in the loss as well. Or maybe you watched a different game than our group watched, no doubt. Youth hurt some also. It was a group loss in our minds.
Steve, branson1@charter.net, Janesville, WI

Suggestions for 2-minute drill
Hey Coach!
You came out so explosive in the first half … what happened to you in the second half? How about a little no huddle and the shotgun formation in the future before you have 1:58 left in the game?

Mix things up a bit, eh! AKA: throw the other team off-balance.
Erik Hass, erik@richardsoncoaching.com, Seattle, WA

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