Bottom line: Packers are winning

While it hasn't been pretty at times, the Green Bay Packers are winning ballgames this season, and that's all that matters, says's Dylan Tomlinson.

There is no better way to win a game than the way the Green Bay Packers did on Sunday.

Sure, a lot went wrong against the Washington Redskins. Brett Favre was mediocre. Mason Crosby missed what could have been two crucial field goals. The running game is still missing in action.

But the Packers won and while it's not the only thing that matters, it is the most important thing. This is the second time the Packers have won ugly this year and the ability to win ugly is something that is key to making the playoffs in the NFL.

Not every team can be the New England Patriots or the Indianapolis Colts. Not every team can go on the road and hang 48 points on the Dallas Cowboys. Not every team can have a quarterback who finds the end zone five times more often than he inadvertently throws the ball into the hands of an opponent.

The Packers opened the season with an ugly win over the Philadelphia Eagles and they head into the bye week after an ugly win over the Washington Redskins. Everything is far from perfect for the Packers.

So what? They're 5-1. Yes, the running game may be the worst in the NFL. Yes, Favre has been up and down this season. Yes, the offensive line is beaten up.

This isn't about luck. Anybody who considers the Packers to be a lucky team hasn't been paying attention. The Packers are doing more with less and that's just about the biggest compliment anyone can pay to Coach Mike McCarthy.

The truth of the matter is the Packers should be 6-0. But before the season, could anyone have imagined the Packers would have just one loss heading into the bye? A 4-2 record would have seemed awfully optimistic, heck, 3-3 might have been a reach considering four of the Packers first five opponents were in the playoffs last year.

This is where the schedule gets pretty brutal. Very few teams are capable of beating the Broncos in Denver, or going into Arrowhead Stadium and besting the Chiefs. But, McCarthy has the Packers believing that even if everything doesn't go their way, that they're still capable of walking away with a win. That's not to say the Packers are capable of winning back-to-back games in Denver and Kansas City, honestly a split would be an accomplishment, but with the possible exception of the New England Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts and maybe the Dallas Cowboys, there aren't many teams in the NFL capable of scaring the Green Bay Packers.

Six games into the season, I'm not about to make any grand Super Bowl type predictions, but given the way the last two seasons have gone, who ever would have guessed the Packers would be where they are now?

There's no problem if the Packers continue to win ugly. All that matters is that they continue to win.

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