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Fans offer their thoughts on running game, Brett Favre, and the Patriots

Bring on the Patriots!
Dear Todd,
I just wanted to throw some football thoughts into the ring since that's what usually happens when things go better than expected. The NFL Live crew is already to give the Lombardi Trophy to the PATS now without any further review .... just end the season and award it to them right now. That will change in time, although, I agree they look very good. They are, in my opinion, in the worst division in the NFL and that won't change this year. Let's say they get past the Colts, Steelers or some lucky dog that emerges late.

Here is my crazy thought, bring 'em on! If the Pack can keep from shooting themselves in the foot they have as good of a chance as anyone in the NFC right now. I am also a fan that believes history, in many, if not all cases repeats itself - good or bad. The PATS haven't beaten a NFC north team yet. They got blown out by the Bears and how can we ever forget XXXI with the Packers having their turn. Certain teams just struggle with others for whatever reason - just ask the Eagles about Tampa Bay. Or until last year, the Colts losing to the PATS. I know it's crazy, but I would rather hope for the history bug than to deal with Peyton Manning. I also believe the Packers won the last game in New England. I said it was crazy, but that's the best team sport ever for ya....GO PACKERS!!!
Craig Schlomer, packmancrs@hotmail.com, Mt Laurel, N.J.

Packers need a veteran back like Dillon
This season has been a pleasant surprise. The team seems to believe in Coach McCarthy and is learning to win close games.

We seem to have lost all confidence in the ability to run the football, and often abandon it. Since the intent of the zone blocking scheme is to support the run, it serves no purpose to keep the scheme and abandon the run. Instead, why don't the Packers discard the zone blocking and bring in Corey Dillon? I don't see that we have anything to lose.

We need to get an impact back in the next draft. What a difference a player of Adrian Peterson's caliber would make for the Packers. The team is now deep enough in talent that we should stop trading down, and instead try to get the best players that we can in rounds 1-3.
George Gevelinger, ggevelinger@sbcglobal.net, Downers Grove IL

Just think if the Packers would have traded up in draft
Hello again!

What do you think? Can you imagine if Ted had played a bit of a gamble and traded up with whatever it took to land Adrian Peterson? My bets are that we could have gotten him with 2 firsts and a second, or 2 seconds … not a bad deal. Can you imagine this team with the receivers we have now with Adrian running in the backfield? Sometimes trading up is a good thing!
Geoffrey B. Slater, gbslater@worldparadigm.com, Baku 370000, Azerbaijan

Favre far from on top of his game
I can do nothing but agree about the TD pass that was called back (against Washington), but really Packer fans CAN'T keep shying away from these Brett Favre mistakes! He missed a good 3 balls that were EASY 7 each time. Rather than hit receivers in stride, they had to stop and wait on the ball on every deep ball he threw!

I just don't think he is playing that great right now, and Packer fans couldn't be praising him higher. He has had great games and, of course, I hope he plays amazing all year, but I just don't think he is playing as well as people seem to think. It's important we don't get carried away because the mistakes he is making will not get us very far against a great team when the season will be on the line. He needs to correct these things, and especially his long ball, fast. I sure hope he does!

PS - I also think whoever is calling plays needs a talking too! Aggressive when they should be conservative, and conservative when they should be aggressive!
Ben Crowell, Infamous Bacardi@aol.com, Madison, WI

Jones just isn't getting it done
After seeing James Jones stand there and let Sean Taylor pick off Brett instead of going up and trying to make a play (which is why he threw it up to him) and his 2 fumbles last Sunday night, I think we need to bring in somebody else. Jones is not ready to be the 3rd receiver.

Has Ted Thompson scraped the egg off his face yet for not bringing in Moss after seeing how well he's doing in NE???
Peter Schwind, petey.schwind@gmail.com, Lima Ohio

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