Coach's Corner with Joe Philbin

Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin took time today to assess Green Bay's rushing attack; DeShawn Wynn and Brandon Jackson

Q: Did the coaches decide during the bye week that DeShawn Wynn is best used as the No. 1 running back in the offense?
Joe Philbin:
"I don't know that we've made any … We're kind of working through things. We're going to wait and see how practice develops. This is the first week that we've got a lot of work to do in preparation for Denver. We'll see how it goes."

Q: Why do you feel the offense has struggled to run the ball?
"We felt schematically, it wasn't like we ran a bunch of plays that had no chance. We felt like most of it was the execution. It wasn't one particular guy, as we've said before. It wasn't necessarily the offensive line. There is enough to go around for everybody. It's just a lack of execution. Sometimes the execution was good, but not often enough and not consistently."

Q: Do you feel you have a chance to running game on track against Denver, which has the worst rushing defense in the league?
"We've got to go out and perform and execute. We'll find out on Monday night where we're at, and see what kind of improvements we've made since our last ballgame. We're more concerned about what we do right now at this stage of the game than where Denver is ranked statistically."

Q: How would you assess Brandon Jackson's performance thus far?
"He's a young player and continues to get better. He's learning a lot. Every day is a step forward for him in his progress. I don't think anybody is disappointed with what he has been doing."

Q: Do you feel Jackson has been tentative running the ball at times?
"It wasn't like he was tentative through a gaping hole. There weren't a lot of gashes that he was dancing through. It was a combination of things – him getting his feet wet and us providing him with better opportunities."

Q: Do you feel the line is protecting Brett Favre well despite throwing an average of 41 times per game?
"We feel like our protection has been good, especially since we got off to kind of a rocky start against Philadelphia , but we feel like the last five weeks our protection has picked up. Those guys overall, if you look at the season, have done a solid job."

Q: Is the line better at pass blocking than run blocking?
"Certainly, at this stage, there might be some guys that you want to say that about some of them. It's kind of two different things. We don't look at it as comparing the two, but certainly with pass blocking, we can't argue with that."

Q: What are your thoughts on (former offensive coordinator) Jeff Jagodzinski and Boston College's success this season?
"I'm delighted. I'm a Massachusets native, by the way. I'm very happy, but I'm more interested in what the Red Sox do, to be honest with you. But I'm delighted for (Jagodzinski)."

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