Sydney Speaks! No need to apologize's Harry Sydney has come to a realization with himself during the bye week that the Green Bay Packers are much better off passing than running the ball. Afterall, the Packers are 5-1 and have won games through the air. Sydney explains why they should continue doing what they're doing to win more games.

Welcome to the world of professional football. At this level it isn't about kissing babies, or being on scholarship, or letting players play because their father owns the car dealership. It's not about losing with pride, or moral victories because you played a close game. It's about doing whatever it takes to win. As far as I see it, the Packers are 5-1 and everyone that is moaning and groaning about not running enough, or worried about what will happen later in the year needs to get a grip.

I say that after I have come to terms with things myself. I was one that was questioning how far the team would go with the lack of running game, and how that eventually would derail the team. During the bye week I came to my senses as I heard Mike's frustration with the running game's questions during his weekly press conference. I realized that it's about winning and not style points.

This isn't Dancing with the Stars, this is professional football and I understand the best way for this team to win is to spread their opponents out with the receivers they have and let Brett Favre do his thing. Mike McCarthy needs to understand that and I think he does, even though when you hear him in his press conferences he still is trying to push the running game. Then again, what is he supposed to say? Does anyone think he's going to say, "You guys are right, our running game sucks and we can't run so we will quit running." Don't be ridiculous. What he's saying is simply coach talk. But then again hasn't he stopped running without saying it? I for one think the Packers will be better for it.

Winning is about putting people in place to be successful and if they want to continue to win they have to play to their strengths instead of their weaknesses. Right now their strengths on offense is Brett Favre being smart with the ball and putting it in the hands of his weapons Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones and now Koren Robinson. As I look at the best team in the league, the New England Patriots, ask yourself how are they winning? They are having great pass protection which is allowing Tom Brady to rip teams apart throwing for 27 touchdowns. I think the Packers offensive line will give and has given Brett that type of protection. If the Packers decide to approach the games that way, success will continue.

No, the Packers don't have a Randy Moss, the biggest offensive threat playing the game today. Everyone, if they are honest with themselves, would love to have him, especially the way he is playing, but the fact is they don't have him just like they don't have a running game, so my advice is just deal with it.

They need to use the short passing game, just like a run, because that's what they seem to do best. Spread the field with Driver, Jones, Jennings and Robinson, then run from that formation every now and then to just keep the defense honest with whichever back can stay healthy. Don't take the ball out of the hands of the playmakers.

Sooner or later the run game just might click and when it does just call it a bonus and thank the lucky stars. I think Mike McCarthy should go into the game with the mindset that they are going to try and out-score every team they face because then the defense can play very aggressive, knowing that their opponents will have to throw to keep up. When you look at the rest of the schedule, the Packers only face two teams that really have the weapons to keep up with the Packers if they get into a shootout, and that's Dallas and Detroit.

I'm not the smartest guy in math, but with 10 games to go if they go 7-3 in the next 10 games that would bring their record to 12-4, which would be a pretty good thing. I'm not saying they wouldn't split with the Lions, or beat the Cowboys, but even if they lost to both of them they would still be sitting good, especially if they could win the other games. Is this wishful thinking? Maybe. Is this realistic? Who knows?

Could this team win that many games? I don't know, but at this point they have the tiebreaker over the Giants and Redskins because of their head-to-head match-up. So far this season the ball has bounced pretty well for the Green Bay Packers and Mike McCarthy. They have NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR, so just keep passing and winning!!!!!

Harry Sydney is a former fullback and assistant coach for the Green Bay Packers. E-mail him at

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