Coach's Corner with Bob Sanders

Coordinator assesses defense thus far, Barnett, Kampman and Woodson

Q: As you assessed the defense over the bye week, what are some areas that need to improve?
There are some fundamental areas we need to improve. We've done a lot of good things, but there are certainly things, fundamentally, just cleaning up our house. Just a matter of us continuing to play hard and fast. Trying to start fast every game and continue at that level throughout the game."

Q: Why has the defense struggled in covering opposing tight ends this season?
"It's on those guys to make some plays. There are a lot of good tight ends in the league. Some of their main guys, they have not been able to go to. We've taken some of those guys out of the game. Certainly we'd like to not let anybody catch any balls, but we'll continue to work on those types of situations. Our guys work on their fundamentals and techniques, and there are a lot of different ways that we try to take those guys (tight ends) away. We just need to clean up fundamentally, but there are a lot of good tight ends on the horizon. There's a good one this week (at Denver). It will be a challenge every week."

Q: How would you assess Nick Barnett's season thus far?
"He's done an outstanding job. He's playing fast. He's playing physical. He's playing with a lot of confidence and is playing at the level that is one of the elite players in the league right now." "He's playing at a high level, making a lot of plays, and is in position."

Q: Has he done anything differently as far as preparation to improve this year?
"Winston (Moss) has done a great job with those guys. He's a student of the game and works very hard in practice. You know what you're going to get every day. When you work hard, you have a good chance to improve, which he has done each and every week."

Q: How would you assess Aaron Kampman's season thus far?
"You know what you're going to get day in and day out with him. He brings his hard hat, his lunch box to practice. He gives us that leadership, that effort on every single down. He keeps coming and keeps coming. Like (against Washington) near the end of the game, he finally started to break through. Once he broke through, it started coming in droves. He is a hard worker and physical player. You can't say enough about his work ethic and attention to detail."

Q: How would you assess Charles Woodson's performance so far this year?
"In position to make some plays. He made a big play (against Washington) recovering a fumble to score and making a big interception. His guys aren't catching many balls. He is doing an outstanding job. His leadership is very good. He works hard, and is a student of the game. He is a true professional and is doing things at a very high level."

Q: With Will Blackmon (foot) and Frank Walker (knee) injured, the defense is down to four cornerbacks. Is that enough on game days?
"Sure, we're straight ahead right now."

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