Packers-Chiefs: Favre on Law's 'list'

Cornerback hoping to pick off pass from quarterback for first time

Ty Law muffled a laugh Monday when someone asked whether Brett Favre, whom Law expects to face Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium, is getting by more on smarts than skills at this late stage of a future Hall of Fame career.

"That happens to all of us," replied the 33-year-old Chiefs cornerback. "But, isn't the brain the (biggest organ) of the body? When you master the game mentally, you don't rely as much on your skills and abilities like you do when you're young, and you can play longer.

"With Brett, as long as you give him time and some weapons to throw to, he can play for as long as he wants. He's one of the toughest guys that ever suited up."

Law owns three Super Bowl rings to Favre's one, yet Law said, "He beat me when it really counted in the Super Bowl," referring to the Packers' win over the Patriots after the 1996 season. "He was outstanding then, and he's outstanding now. I consider him one of the greatest of all time, and I always look forward to going against him."

Law wants to limit Favre, of course, because that's the only way the Chiefs can hold home field and retain their share of the AFC West lead. But, he also has some personal motivation working.

"He's the one Hall of Famer I don't have," Law said of his interception list. "I'd love to add him to my resume.

"I've picked some of the great ones -- Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Troy Aikman -- but I've not gotten Brett Favre. So Brett, if you're listening and you want to give a handout, I'll take it."

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