Coach's Corner with Edgar Bennett

Running backs coach assesses Ryan Grant, rushing attack

Q: What does Ryan Grant bring to the table for the offense?
Edgar Bennett:
"Obviously, he had an extremely productive game (against Denver). Tough, strong runner. Runs with a good ball lean. Physical. Finishes he runs. Shows good quickness.

The one thing that stands out the most is his toughness."

Q: Is Ryan Grant similar to any other players that you've worked with in the past?
Edgar Bennett:
"I look at it individually. Each guy brings something different to the table as an individual. Obviously, Dorsey Levens comes to mind as far as his mindset, his attitude, his approach. Ryan Grant has similar attributes to Dorsey. Tough, physical runner. Good body lean. Obviously, Dorsey was a thicker, bigger-type man, but Ryan certainly as very good size, around that 220 (pound) mark. He's a tough guy. He runs downhill."

Q: What are some of the first things that you work on when preparing a young back to play right away?
Edgar Bennett:
"Protection comes first. That's the number one thing. We have to be able to protect our quarterback. The run game is a big part of things, but protection comes first.

"Ryan (Grant) has done a nice job of coming in here and staying focused and alert. He's picked up our system nicely."

Q: Is it a good thing that DeShawn Wynn is on injured reserve right now?
Edgar Bennett:
"Anytime you've got playmakers, we would like him to be up (on the active roster). But unfortunately the injury put him down. He has an opportunity now to really get in that weight room and strengthen his body from a physical standpoint, as well as stay sharp in the film room as well."

Q: Why did the staff feel it was important to hold Brandon Jackson out the past four games?
Edgar Bennett:
"Obviously, coming off the shin injury, when you're sitting out for a while, you still have to get back into that tempo, that rhythm that we have on offense. I think that had a little bit to do with it. Right now the kid is sharp, the kid is in tune and he's ready to go."

Q: How will Jackson and Vernand Morency be used in the offense behind Grant?
Edgar Bennett:
"They both will play more in situational-type settings. I think both can help us on third down, as well as backup runners. They both will get opportunities, they just have to make the most of it."

Q: What improvement did you see from the rushing attack against the Broncos?
Edgar Bennett:
"From a blocking standpoint, from a running standpoint, I thought it was all 11 guys. From people finishing downfield. It takes all 11. It was encouraging to see people finishing blocks, backs finishing runs. That was very encouraging."

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