Sherman Sez

Here's what Green Bay GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman had to say about the Packers' 28-10 win over the Patriots Sunday at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.<p>

On the impact of the victory:

"This is a big win for us because we played a very good football team, the world champs. I take my hat off to them, they're a good football team, it just wasn't their day today. It was very satisfying to come in and beat them at this stage."

On injuries:

"We met last night, I said, 'hey guys, not a whole lot of people think you can do this tomorrow, but it doesn't really matter. The only guys that matter are the guys in this room.' They went out and proved that today."

On game strategy:

"We wanted to establish the run game and keep our defense off the field and maintain time of possession. My mother could have figured that part of it out; it's something we needed to do. The fact that we were able to do it is significant."

"With the offense that they have and the weapons that they have and their quarterback, until that clock said double-zero, I wasn't secure."

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