Lombardi blog: November edition

Sports Illustrated says Lambeau Field is No. 1 for best experiences

November 7, 2007
Lambeau Field
I hate to plug a competing website, but head over to Sports Illustrated online and check out their rankings of NFL Stadiums and which are the best experiences. Lambeau Field is number 1, which surprises nobody. Lambeau and the Packers got a total of 54 points out of a possible 70.

The categories are tickets, food and souvenirs, accessability, tailgating, the team, stadium atmosphere, and the surrounding neighborhood.

They were strong in everything but neighborhood (five of 10) and accessability (four of 10). I actually have never had a problem parking at a Packer game and find it pretty easy to navigate, but I suppose if you are not used to going to a game, like a SI reporter, it can be confusing.

As for the neighborhood, that is one of the things that I find endearing about the Packers. Lambeau backs up to houses and even though there are businesses and bars sprinkled about, it is actually part of the neighborhood as opposed to some other places which are out in the middle of nowhere or downtown. Anyway, check it out, it is fun to compare and constrast.

The next three, the Steelers, Browns and Lions, must have improved their facilities, because there is no way that their old stadiums would have made the list. Three Rivers was OK, but generic and stale. Cleveland's old stadium was a baseball field with the 50-yard line of the football field around first and third for a strange arrangement. The supposed best seats in the house were the farthest from the field. The Silverdome in Pontiac was as unappealing as they come.

Last on the list - The Jets at Giants Stadium. The Giants, who share Giants Stadium with the Jets are 25th. I guess the product on the field matters.

Other teams of note: Bears - 20th; Vikings - 31st

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