Aaron Kampman Q&A

Defensive end offers thoughts on Adrian Peterson and Brooks Bollinger

Q: Is it surprising that Adrian Peterson, a rookie running back, can perform this well?
Aaron Kampman:
"Oh, I don't know. He's done very, very well. It is only the halfway point, but it doesn't look like he's got any signs of retreating. He's done very, very well. It's impressive. He's an exceptional player."

Q: Do you ever think of what he could have done against you the last time you played, if he would have gotten more carries?
Aaron Kampman:
"Nope, and I'm glad he didn't."

Q: Does it help that you have seen him once already?
Aaron Kampman:
"I think it does, just to know the type of runner he is. He competes at a high level. We'll definitely be on our toes. He competes very hard. We have to meet and exceed that."

Q: Are you surprised that Peterson has exploded since Sept. 30?
Aaron Kampman:
"Not really. We saw some things on film that we said, 'Hey, this is a pretty special player.' Obviously, it was early when we saw him. ... So far he hasn't faltered and there's no signs of that. Obviously, he's proven some good things."

Q: What do you see as some of Adrian Peterson's attributes?
Aaron Kampman:
"He's definitely very, very gifted. He's an exceptional player. He has a lot of speed. He runs very hard. You would think that a guy who runs as upright as he does might not have the shiftiness, but he does that well too. He's playing well."

Q: What do you remember from Brooks Bollinger from your college days?
Aaron Kampman:
"This is funny. I've actually got a picture from our university (Iowa). They framed our jerseys when we were seniors, and they would put an action shot of you from your senior year (with the framed jersey). I've got a picture of me taking down Brooks Bollinger, so I remember the guy pretty well. It was kind of intereresting when I saw he was going to be the starter. I said, 'Oh, I know that guy.'

"Smart player. Very heady. He's going to manage the game very well, and he can scramble too. He's got an ability to run. He can break the pocket and make things happen with his feet. I think he's a good player."

Q: What are your thoughts on the last time that you played the Vikings?
Aaron Kampman:
"We won that football game, but we felt like we should have played better, very candidly. Those are things that we're going to focus on specifically as a defense. We felt like we let a couple of explosive runs get out of the gate."

Q: The defense hasn't allowed many explosive runs this season, aside from Adrian Peterson's 55-yard run the last time that you played the Vikings. How would you assess the progress?
Aaron Kampman:
"We have been pretty good in the explosive run department. That's something that we talked about the last time we played them. They did a nice job of exploiting us, but we also feel that there are some things that we can clean up. Granted, take nothing away from him (Peterson), but we have do do what we do, and that's play a good defense."

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