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Revving up for the Redskins

All eyes were on the Washington Redskins' offense this season under new NFL coach Steve Spurrier. So far the reviews are mixed, although Spurrier's assessment of penalties against his team are definitely not in that "gray area."<P>

Spurrier took turns lashing out against his own team, and then the officials after the Redskins' lackluster 43-27 loss to the Saints Sunday.

Initially, he criticized his players for "not caring" about the Saints game, but backed off those comments on Monday.

"(I was) "probably a little too critical, too harsh," Spurrier said."I still believe we are a pretty good team - when we play like it. We've only played like it twice this year."

Spurrier then re-directed his irritation at the officials. "We're getting a lot of these little calls that nobody sees anything that happens," Spurrier said. "You see a flag at the end of the play - it has nothing to do with the play - and yet we're getting them."

The much-anticipated offense fireworks of a Steve Spurrier-produced attack have not materialized. The Redskins rank 16th through the air with 224 yards per game and 21st on the ground, gaining less than 100 yards (95.6) per contest.

Brett Favre and Ahman Green stand to add another stellar game to their growing list as a 1-2 punch. The Redskins defense ranks 25th against the run, giving up 133 yards per game. While they fare better against the pass (10th in the league), they have not faced the likes of Michael Vick and Tom Brady and gave up more points (43) to the Saints than did the Packers in GB's only loss.

Also in Favre's corner is the fact that the Skins defensive line has yet to produce a dominant presence. Washington ranks in the bottom half of the league in sacks and interceptions.

Meanwhile, rookie QB Patrick Ramsey had a tough week vs. New Orleans after a winning debut vs. Tennessee in Week 5. Ramsey, replacing former Bear Shane Matthews, was 21-of-42 for 320 yards, four interceptions and a TD.

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