Aaron Rodgers Q&A

Backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers took a few minutes with PackerReport.com to talk about Brett Favre's success, his recent playing time, and the Carolina Panthers defense

Q: How do you feel about the offense, especially Bretty Favre, being on the same page with the coaches in recent weeks?
Aaron Rodgers:
"There's a good blend of being aggressive with the play calling, but Brett's managing the game really well. He's completing a high number of his passes, a high completion percentage. I think one of our biggest assets has been our five receiver look – being it one tight end and four receivers, or two tight ends and three receivers, or just five receivers. We've been real successful."

Q: Do you feel Favre is simply making better decisions when passing this season?
"I think he's taking what the defense is giving him, and guys are making plays for him. We lead the league in yards after the catch. That's a big testament to our receivers, but also a testament to Brett. He's taking what the defenses give him and not forcing the ball. Guys are making plays when they get the opportunity."

Q: How did it feel to get some playing time last Sunday against the Vikings?
"It felt good. It's been a while. I got six plays. Good situation, too. There's really three opportunities for a backup to get in the game – way ahead, way behind, or the starter getting hurt. Way ahead is definitely best for the team. It means the starter is OK. I just got to make sure I don't do anything stupid."

Q: During the season, do you do anything differently to stay sharp, in case Brett is injured?
"Just make sure I'm prepared and know the game plan and make sure I work hard in practice every week, not only on the scout team but taking mental reps every time he's in there. I don't get any reps with the first team, so I've got to know what's going on with every play."

Q: What think about Carolina's defense?
"I think their front seven is very solid. For some reason they're not sacking the quarterback, but they've got one of the best end tandems, and they got two guys up front that are ‘pluggers.' Jenkins' brother (Kris) and 'Kemo' (DT Maake Kemoeatu). We're going to have our hands full. On the back end, I think they're improving. They've got two good corners. They've got (SS Chris) Harris. They've made some plays on some balls. … It really starts with their front four. If we can keep them off Brett, we can be successful."

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