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Fans offer their opinions on Ted Thompson, Packers' success, Super Bowl

Thompson is doing it right with the Packers
Negative Packer Fans,
Ted Thompson doesn't spend enough and like an idiot let Ahman Green go! Fire Ted Thompson now! Brett Favre is washed up and needs to retire or be traded.

Does any of this sound familiar? To a lot of you it should. You have been spewing this garbage for many months now. How is Mike Sherman doing? I still think he is a good coach, but I can't help but believe had a say in over-paying for Ahman Green. By the way how is Ahman Green doing with the nice big contract he signed? He's out again this week.

Let's check with Brett now. Arugably the greatest QB to ever play the game. How is Brett doing? Completions - 2nd, Pass% - 6th, yards - 1st, TD's - tied for 5th and a QB rating of 96.2. He is also leading the league in Pro Bowl votes. What were the Packers thinking when they let Brett play another year?

I have been arguing for many months with you people that you just need to give it time. Have I agreed with everything TT has done? No, but I have to believe the people that actually do the scouting, run practices and watch endless hours of game films for a living might be a bit more knowledgeable than the casual fan.

I figured that with the success that Packers have had that a lot of the negative talk would stop. That wasn't the case for the idiot sitting behind me at the Packers/Viqueens game on Nov. 11th. Apparently having a 7-1 record and being up 27-0 in the 3rd quarter was the last straw for this guy. He decided it was time for Mike McCarthy to be fired. The Packers were winning despite the fact Mike McCarthy was their coach. I'm guessing the only reason this guy was at the game is that someone lost a bet of some kind. I questioned him on his dislike for Mike McCarthy. The best way I can describe what his answer was is by simply saying it was dumb. It was the kind of dumb that gives you a migraine headache and thinking about it is giving me another.

Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy keep up the good work. GO PACK!
Terry Forseth, dtv@centurytel.net, Mazomanie, WI

PackerReport.com pundits are eating crow
Following are the predicted Packer 2007 record by your panel of "experts."

Steve Lawrence, Correspondent
Pre-season prediction on Green Bay's 2007 record: 8-8

Harry Sydney, Correspondent
Pre-season prediction on Green Bay's 2007 record: 7-9

Todd Korth, Managing Editor
Pre-season prediction on Green Bay's 2007 record: 8-8

Tom Andrews, Correspondent
Pre-season prediction on Green Bay's 2007 record: 8-8

Matt Tevsh, Correspondent
Pre-season prediction on Green Bay's 2007 record: 7-9

Doug Ritchay, Correspondent
Pre-season prediction on Green Bay's 2007 record: 7-9

After GB whoops on Carolina this Sunday all of the above "experts" should offer their immediate resignation. The remaining three "experts" will probably have only a week or two and then they also should offer their resignations.

This leaves you without any "experts" left to write anything.

At this time I offer my services. I picked GB to finish 11-5. Unfortunately, I too will probably have to resign before the end of the season as GB may very well pull in 12 or 13 victories.

Or your panel of experts could salvage their positions on your staff by openly admitting their own deficiences as "experts" and analyze why they are so wrong about the 2007 season. This should happen soon.
Doug N., dnewlin@centurytel.net, Wauzeka, WI

Jury still out on Packers' running game
This is just a note of caution before we all get too carried away singing the Packers' praises. Has the running game really taken off? I think it's too early to tell and wouldn't be surprised to see it regress in the next few games due to defensive adjustments. Is the offense really clicking on all cylinders? I'm not too thrilled with the red zone production up to this point. I've seen too many games where the first half seems to be dominated by Green Bay and yet they only have 13 points on the scoreboard instead of 21. That doesn't usually cut it against the good teams.

As great as the Packers are playing, I still feel that they are pretty vulnerable to a good team. With the running game starting to take off it can't hurt the red zone production. If the Packers start consistently ending their long drives with TD's insteaf of FG's then I think they can go deep into the playoffs and have a shot at New England. Otherwise we could be looking at a surprisingly quick exit from the playoffs.
Tom Voss, voss.tom@gmail.com, Lincoln, NE

Sydney finally hops on bandwagon
Packer fans have been believing all season. That's why they're fans. Fans stay behind their team; the players and the coaches. And why wouldn't they. I have listened to your negative comments all season, and now you're finally jumping on the bandwagon. Fair weather is upon us! A more appropriate title for your piece should probably be, "It's time for ME to believe, (and to remember what it's like to be a player)."
Chris Jones, chris@safetyharbormortgage.com, San Diego, CA

Packers are proving the doubters wrong
I have reserved myself so far this year to cast judgment of the Packers, but I think that at the halfway point of the season, the jury has spoken: The Pack are for real this year, without a doubt! I hate to say that I told you so, no, that's not true, I LOVE saying that I told you so about Coach McCarthy.

Remember way back when a few short seasons ago, when Coach Whats -His-Name was dragging this team right into oblivion? I can remember people be-moaning the decision to hire McCarthy. "Wrong move!" some said. "Thompson is making a big mistake," others cried. I can remember even receiving a few nasty emails from so called "Packer Backers" degrading me for my criticism of Sherman, and my upbeat feelings toward the hiring of Coach Mac. Ahhh … the memories.

The truth of the matter is both clean and quick: This team has bought into Coach McCarthy's philosophy, and is overachieving as a team at every turn. Favre & Co is dialed in, the defense is dialed in, special teams play has vastly improved. All that is lacking is a solid ground game.

You can see confidence in the body language of both coaching staff, and of the players. I am impressed, to say the least. I figured that it would take a couple of more years to develop this kind of winning chemistry. It's been pretty amazing, so far.

It will be very interesting to see what shakes out for the second half of the season. For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to watching them play, instead of expecting the worst.

After half of this season complete, the Top 3 in the NFC are Dallas, G.B., & NYG. It's a good feeling to once again be proud of the Packers. For the past 4 or 5 years I have been disappointed with the whole organization. I think that this team is finally pointed in the right direction, and will be competitive for many years to come. All of this proves to old adage right: "Change is good."
Gary Allen, garysremodel@sbcglobal.net, Sunnyvale, CA

Why not start Packing for Glendale, Ariz.?
Hi Todd,
Loved your article about the rest of this season. It IS amazing that we are talking about a 7-1 Green Bay Packer team at this point. Games have been played at Minnesota, at Denver and at Kansas City as well as one at home versus San Diego. Even with the momentum that the team came into this year with, I would be hard pressed to find a fan willing to put their last dollar on the Pack winning all of those. Myself included.

Now that they have won those games, however, I think it's time to start challenging some of the naysayers and ask "why not"? Why not win the division? Why not win a few they shouldn't along the way? Why not advancing beyond the NFC championship game? They have already proven that they should be taken seriously as contenders and that no team should take them lightly.

Favre is playing at a high level and with desire again. The offense features some dangerous wideouts and an up-and-coming tight end. The running game has its days. The defense is solid and even special teams are contributing. Sound familiar? It reminds me of 1995 - 1998 when the Pack was the class of the NFC.

Remember that this team is the youngest in the league. Certain guys will come and go, but in keeping the nucleus together, this team has several successful seasons ahead. Also remember that the team has money under the cap with which to continue to upgrade in the off season. I questioned Ted Thompson's lack of activity in last and this year's offseason. With an 8-8 record and money to spend, I thought it was time to get busy in free agency. He has stuck by the guys that he has and they have not disappointed. We found gems in Atari Bigby, Brady Poppinga, Greg Jennings, Jason Spitz, Daryn Colledge (he will come around) and Will Blackmon. With the success the team is having, guys will want to come and help finish the job and bring another Lombardi trophy back to. . Lombardi Avenue!

Here is what I propose: If the Pack can get a win at Detroit on Thanksgiving or beat Dallas, I challenge you to rethink the team's chances of playing in Glendale in February (in Phoenix metro, where I reside) and write a follow up to this article. The fever is contagious. They have already won some "unwinnable" games. . and at Dallas is definitely one of those. Why not?
Jason, jasonperone@yahoo.com, Chandler, AZ

How about more 'good fansmanship?'
I couldn't agree more regarding the negative Packer fans, or maybe I should say the negativity Packer fans express. Obviously being a true fan requires being passionate about what one is a fan of. Being a dedicated Packer fan, I've done my share of doubting or not understanding some moves within the organization. However, this attitude is natural or can be justified if things turn out the way one might have thought. We all know and have heard repeatedly that hindsight is 20/20, or that anyone can Monday morning quarterback.

For example, our #1 draft pick for 2007 - Justin Harrell. I like the pick. Was I surprised? Yes. Disappointed? To some degree (in light of losing a RB, I would have liked to see this area addressed immediately). Interested in seeing what Mr. Thompson was/is trying to do? Very much so! Mr. Thompson and his staff might see something currently or in the future, as to what in fact may truly help the team in this particular area. Ryan Grant seems to be doing pretty well for now and we don't have to mortgage the stadium over it.

What bothers me, if anything, is that we've yet to see some real positive fruit from our 2007 draft pick. Ah-hah! I just made a statement that may or may not be true, and I bet I'm not the only one who thinks this. However, my perception of this particular decision (example) is a very real or honest. Now, I want to be fair to Mr. Harrell, so while it might be presumptious of me to write any of this, I also want to be sensitive and/or fair in this example. So I'm prepared to further explain myself and put this example into context (with the whole Packer fan mentality).

While I'm anxious to see the fruit of the pick, I'm also realistic enough to know that injuries happen, young players need more development than others, and the bottom line might be that Mr. Harrel has someone in front of him that is better (right now). With time we can only hope he develops into a dominant D-lineman we anticipate him to be. With this attitude comes concern that Mr. Harrell won't work out and we will be faced with another draft pick that simply did not work out. That's a fair opinion for a Packer fan to express. It's up to Mr. Harrell to prove me or anyone else that may share my concern in this particular area wrong. I sincerely hope he does and look forward to that day, because with having an opinion or constructive criticism (of someone or something) comes the responsibilty of promoting the positive. That's good "fansmanship", if you will.

In another example, I found myself defending Brett Favre last year (and in other years) like no other. Of course, I live in Missouri now, so it's not like I'm surrounded by Packer fans everywhere I turn. Even so, I couldn't keep track of how many times I heard people say the very thing or similar statements you mentioned in your recent editorial. "Favre's washed up". "He needs to retire". "He's not the same, etc. etc". I tried my hardest to inform people about how their opinion was not being made from an educated point of view. I explained that 1) football is a team sport (very elementary), 2) agreed that Mr. Favre is "not what he used to be" (every year brings changes/development) and 3) most importantly, I mentioned the lack of chemistry with many young players. Even Mr. Favre mentioned chemisty as a major factor in the development of himself and the team. Was it an off year? Maybe, but I saw the same "Favre" as I've always seen. Sometimes the chances he takes work out and then sometimes they don't. We love the ones that do and we hate the ones that don't. In the end I wouldn't have him change anything, because if he did, he wouldn't be who he is, nor would he have accomplished all he has for our team. So when or if he throws an interception like he did to Brian Urlacher (this year), yeah I'm going to want to pull my hair out and scream, but I've also come to know that Mr. Favre, most of the time, does not get rattled and will, more than likely, find a way to make up for his mistakes (if given the opportunity).

It is my hope that regardless of any Packer fans opinion or criticism, that they take into account all the facts and not just pick and choose what they want so as to formulate an opinion or criticism. I believe we call that being educated. I also believe that being too critical can be cancerous, if you will and breeds an unwarrented "I told you so" mentality. This leads to fans being poor sports or bad "fansmanship".

I say and agree with what Mr. Favre said this year (I believe after the Monday Night Football Denver Bronco game), "...it's been a helluva ride...". I couldn't agree more and am enjoying this year like no other. I'm excited for the team. I'm realistic enough to know that they are going to lose another game in the future (hopefully not this year - hah!). If so, it's going to sting like always, but I'm going to get up on Sunday again, put my "lucky" Packer t-shirt on (change it to another one is they lose while I'm wearing the one I'm wearing - hah!), and hope for the best. I'm going to believe that even if they do lose that they will work to find a way to win again.

Thanks for being a voice for the Packers Todd. We all may be wrong at times about predictions, opinions, or otherwise. The key is that we look forward and develop a solution-based mindset that promotes the positive and helps us all be the best fans in the league! Go Packers!
Brian Heydn, spirehouse@mac.com, Columbia, MO

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