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Packers fans air out their thoughts on Green Bay's season, upcoming game against Cowboys

What a wonderful season!
Hello again! WOW is all I can say! Regardless of any questions on the draft, trades etc lets all give credit to this organization for putting together what is becoming one of the top teams in the NFL. "Who'd a Thunk it?"

This is the reason being a fan of the NFL and the Green Bay Packers is so much fun. One can never know for sure what will happen on any given game or season. So I take my hat off to the Great Green Bay Packers, the Executive Management, the Coaching Staff, the team and finally Brett Favre for giving us tales we can tell to our grandchildren for years!

PS: Now that it's an indisputable fact that our receiving corp is one of the best in the NFL let's also forget our issues with Randy Moss. Who knows we may see him in the last game!
Geoffrey B. Slater, gbslater@worldparadigm.com, Baku 370000, Azerbaijan

Riding the wave!
I've been one of the many people wanting the head of TT. Looks like I might need to start eating some CROW. I'm really enjoying the season. But I'm really worried about our running game, can Ryan Grant keep running like a man on a mission. Let the wave keep rolling!!
Todd, toddrjohnson@msn.com, Lynchburg, VA

Why the Cowboys in Dallas all the time?
I hope that this letter finds you with a full tummy and a good feeling about the Packer game Thursday.

But I have a question for you. Please tell me if you feel that the way they schedule games is being done in a fair manner. I mean where they play them. Since 1970 how many games have the Dallas Cowboys played at Green Bay AFTER the 2nd week of November? How many wins do the Cowboys have at Green Bay when they came up to the North in the colder months? I seem to think that they rarely if ever played us in the last 6 weeks when we are on the schedule. We must always travel to there house. Just like this season. The weather is getting cold and the Boys do not want to play us in the open weather. They come and play our div foes who have a dome in the winter but I have a tough time remembering games played in Green Bay during the cold weeks. If you can help me out by telling me the number of trips they have made and who won?

I feel that the pack can beat the Cowboys next Thursday at Dallas. It will be close but I think we can outscore them with the help of our defense being just a little better. I see Rouse is playing better I think he can cover the Tight End and contribute to stopping T.O. The Jets right now seem to be able to slow him done so far by playing hard in the first 5 yards and Harris and Rouse can handle him. I think the Pack will win it by 2 points.

Thank you for giving me some stats about my first question. and what are your thoughts on the up coming Thursday game at Dallas?
Jerry Ingaldi, jerry04pack@msn.com, Erie,Pa.

The Cowboys have played twice in Green Bay since 1997, and the Packers won both games - 45-17 on Nov. 23, 1997, and 41-20 on Oct. 24, 2004. The Packers have lost in their last 8 trips to Dallas, including playoffs dating back to 1993. Green Bay's most recent trip to Big D was in 1999, and the Packers lost 27-13 on Nov. 14.

We'll see how the injuries from Thursday pan out. If KGB and Woodson are out, it might be tough for the Pack to knock off the Cowboys. Plus, Cole has a fractured arm, meaning he'll be out, and they'll have to activate Harrell or Muir, probably, Harrell. I'm not sold on him yet, either. The injuries could make for tough sledding for the Packers against the Cowboys.

Packers can beat Cowboys by passing
It was a good game at Detroit, not a great game the Packers got very sloppy in my view at the end letting the Loins comeback to with in 8 points when they had the game locked up! Which they can NOT afford to do in Dallas! With Dallas you can't afford to make any mistakes because if you do there is a price to pay for it!

I remember back in 1995 when Terrell Owens was with the 49ers, the Packers just killed him with in that 5 yard area from the line of scrimmage and put him on his backside not letting him up with 3 to 4 other defensive players on him 1 at a time in that 5 yard area, which I believe is still allowed!

Nevertheless the Packers MUST play smash-mouth football, and not let the Cowboys come back, get off to a faster start and close it out for the win! The last 2 games, the Packers started off rather slow in my view, picked it up and then in the 4th quarter let the Panthers and the Loins come back with senseless points!

The Cowboys are 21st in pass defense, so guess what Brett will be doing? He will need another 350-plus yard performance in this game coming up!!! The running game seems to have picked up somewhat which is also good. The Packers are now 29th in rushing not 32nd, a plus when you need it and just a little something for the Cowboys to look out for. The five receiver I would use a heavy dose of, if I was McCarthy! Let Brett air it out, then use the running game!

Brett on the other hand is having an MVP Year and he should get it, with all the record breaking performances as of late, funny how things go from this year to last year when the Packer receivers were all injured in 1 way or another, or dropping footballs. Mostly everyone wanted to hang Brett out to dry saying "He Should Retire, "Brett Is Done For" All were Laughing when Brett announced his return for 2007 except for me! Not only will Brett break all-time passing yardage, but next year Brett will break the ALL TIME Games started by ANY NFL player ever, does this sound like a man to hang it all up? Besides the fact that if Brett finishes the season with "What Is Called the Projected Numbers" Brett would have the following! 618 Attempts 423 Completion's for 4881 Yards 33 Touchdowns 12 Interceptions 68.5% for a Passing Rating of 101.5 Surpassing Brett's old mark Passing Rating of 99.5 and Brett surpassing his personal best in Passing Yardage of 4413 back in 1995 and also surpassing the Passing Percentage Mark of 65.4% in 2003. If this keeps up, it will be close, "No Doubt About It." There is also no question that Brett has another 2 to 3 years left in him to play! Brett is in that good of shape!!

In the last 3 games Brett has 9 touchdowns and 0 interceptions for a passing rating of 120! And people are talking about retirement? Now who's crazy? It sounds like someone forgot to tell Brett that he is 38 years old, not 28 years old, like it seems Brett is playing right now!!

It's also kinda funny Why hasn't anyone mentioned Peyton Manning before the Atlanta game having 7 Interceptions an 2 Touchdown passes in the last 2 games? No one mentioned that he should retire, wonder why? Could it be because of the injuries to the Colts receivers? People were nailing Brett for that when the Packer receivers were all injured or dropping footballs, so why not nail Peyton Manning? He is doing the same thing! What's the deal here?

Peyton will never be in Brett's class, not ever! Yes, Peyton is good, but he is stiff, flat footed, and a slow runner. Defensive tacklers can run him down and nail him while Brett can still in my view, can still run way from Defensive Tacklers still to this date!

All and all the Packers stand a good shot on going to the Super Bowl as crazy at it sounds, but so has the 2007 season allot of people, Sports Expert, Reporters, other Fans from around the League all thought that the Packers would do no better than 8 wins and 8 Losses well, there 10 wins 1 loss with a good shot of winning it all! With what's been going on this year I would not surprised that the Packers would finish 15 Wins 1 Loss! Let's hope so!
Tom Fast, tomfast@bellsouth.net, Arden, N.C.

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