From the locker room's Todd Korth was in the Packers locker room this afternoon collecting comments from various players on their Thursday night matchup against the Dallas Cowboys

Cornerback AL HARRIS
On his matchup against Terrell Owens:
"It is what it is. That's just how we got to look at it, you know what I mean? It's the Green Bay Packers against the Dallas Cowboys.

"But that's every week. I'm sure there is somebody pressing him every week. I face good receivers every week. We'll see how it all plays out."

Quarterback BRETT FAVRE
On quarterback Tony Romo:
"Creative, a lot like I was early in my career. Uses his feet. He's a lot more mobile than I am now. Makes plays when plays are not there."

On importance of game and comparison to Romo: "We know they're a good football team. They're playing great. We think we're playing pretty good too, so we'll see what happens. As far as the Romo-Favre matchup, it makes for good TV, I guess. Tony is playing great. I feel like I'm playing well, but it's just another game. It's a big game. It's not about us, too, it's about our teams."

On going from 'Over the hill' to where he is now: "I never thought I was over the hill. It's a combination of a lot of things. I don't think I prepared any differently this year, I know I haven't, than in years past. I feel like I'm a little bit smarter. Each year I feel a little bit wiser. I've heard guys say that 'There's nothing a defense can do to me that I haven't seen.' I don't know that I necessarily believe that. It all comes down to the fundamentals - Cover 3, 2, man, where they blitzing from? I think it comes down to what my guys are doing and what I do if this is not a good play, or managing the game. If it's third and long, not trying to get it all at one time."

Wide receiver GREG JENNINGS
On key to winning at Texas Stadium:
"Not letting their crowd become a factor. The more you let their crowd be a factor, the tougher the game is going to be. We'll try to take them out of the game. Sometimes we're successful, sometimes we're not, but we've been getting the W's, so we'll take them anyway we can."

On the hype surrounding the game: "Everybody knows about the game. It's been talked about for the last three weeks. For us, we've got to make sure that we don't let it be too big. It's not a win or go home situation. We're going down with the mentality that we need to play a good football game because we're going up against a great team. That's our mentality."

On home field advantage throughout playoffs riding on game: "We know that that's a factor. But we can't go in the game just for that reason. We need to go into the game doing what we know we need to do collectively as a team. Be successful in all three phases."

On how he is approaching this game, despite hype surrounding it:
"We know it's a big game, but we're trying to approach it as if it's a normal game, do what we do best and focus on ourselves."

On if carefree, happy-go-lucky approach will work for this game: "Happy go lucky? I think we have a confident football team because we're playing well. I think everybody in here realizes that we have room for improvement. By no stretch of the imagination are we where we need to be. We're trying to improve from week to week and continue to win football games."

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