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Quotes from Packers, Cowboys players after showdown Thursday night

On his injury:
On his injury: "I don't know. I think I'll be fine. Fortunately, we have a few days off."

"I think it was a helmet that bumped my right elbow. I had a similar injury last year. I lost feeling in my last two fingers."

"Seeing that I had the injury last year and was able to come back, I think I'll be fine."

"We'll (have an XRay) when we get back. We only had two quarterbacks, so I couldn't get one just in case I had to take a snap."

"I separated my left shoulder as well. I didn't even realize that (until later)."

"Clearly, it was my fault. There haven't been too many times in my career I can say that a guy came free and I didn't see him coming."

"Last year when I did it against New England, we played seven days later and I was able to play. I wasn't completely healthy but it felt well enough to play. It's a little more swollen than the last time, but it's in a little different area. It kind of got the nerve, but not as direct a hit."

"The left shoulder is one of those things you can essentially shoot up and play with."

"We have four days before we start back into a normal week. I anticipate I'll be fine. I hope I am. There's been numerous times an issue came down to the day before a game. We'll have to wait and see."

"If anyone's ever hit their funny bone, imagine hitting it 10 times harder with a hammer. That's about what it feels like."

"As much as I wanted to play, it's different than spraining an ankle. I could grip the football on the sideline, but I didn't want to go out (and hurt the team). It was not worth the risk."

"We didn't make enough plays to win today. I felt like I moved the offense pretty well. I felt comfortable out there. But we just came up a little short. I felt good out there. I think I showed this preseason that I can make plays with my legs."

"I immediately took my headset off, put my helmet on and started throwing not knowing if (Favre) we be ok. I've done that about seven or eight times, but only one time I've actually gone in. I was a little nervous the first play, but it gave me a chance to pass and we were off and running."

"I think (Favre) will probably play. I'd be surprised. If not, my preparation doesn't change. I'll be ready to play if I need to and hopefully these guys can believe me like they did tonight."

On his first NFL TD pass: "I felt great. I went over and got that ball. It would have been better if we won. Maybe if I had thrown a couple more."

"We just gave up too many plays; too many big plays. Dallas, they've got a good team. Don't get me wrong. But take away a couple big plays, and it is a different ball game."

On coming from behind: "We'll be prepared for whatever. We came out at halftime knowing we had to keep fighting. Coach said to keep fighting. . . . They [Cowboys] are so, so, so good. They're a great team. Like I say, take away a couple big plays and it is a different ball game."

On Aaron Rogers:
"I think he stepped up and did a great job. I'm not going to analyze all that other stuff. He did a good job. … He stepped in and showed great leadership. He stepped in a did a great job. I think we rallied. We rallied around Aaron. He came in and showed when given an opportunity he can do great things."

On Aaron Rogers, Part II: "He came in and did an outstanding job. It's a big stage. He stepped in and did a lot of really good plays. But as a team, we didn't do enough to win."

On the loss, and what it means: "It is a big deal. We came in expecting to win this football game. For the first quarter, from an offensive perspective, we didn't play a winning football game. There is way too much football left to engage in any speculation like that. Speculation. That's for you guys to do. We have to execute. All the rest of it is just words on paper. We just didn't execute."

On his injury, and his return:
"It is probably really not that close. I haven't had this injury before. Last time I was hurt, I tried to come back too early and was out again. … Oakland is a possibility. We have a long 13 days. I will work on it every day, and try to get back."

On the loss, and what it means: "Anything can happen from here on out. I don't see them [Cowboys] losing any so they probably won't lose home field. But we just have to get in the playoffs. The rest will come from there."

"We started making plays early on. We missed some opportunities offensively. Late in the first half, we started moving the ball. We did some things in the second half. But when you get down against a good team, it is hard to win."

"They [Cowboys] didn't do anything different than what we were seeing. For the most part, it was the stuff they were doing on tape. We have to make plays and make less mistakes."

"It was a good job by their offensive coordinator. We just have to adjust better. We have to be able to play zone. We have to be able to play man. … They kind of dictated what we were going to do. We usually dictate what they do."

On what he said to Brett Favre when he came out of the game: "When you see your Hall of Fame quarterback sitting on the sideline, more often than not, you have to ask if he's okay."

On the interception: "It's a four quarter game. We kept them from scoring on that drive. But it really doesn't matter. We lost the game. We're focusing on the Raiders. And let the chips fall where they may."

On the rematch: "When you play a team twice, it's going to help. We just have to make less mistakes and make more plays."

On the rematch, Part II: "We have to make more plays. I think [Defensive Coordinator] Bob [Sanders] had a great game plan. We have to make plays. He made a good chess match. But this game is about big plays. They made big plays. We made more mistakes. Hats off to the Cowboys. They made great plays."

On the "Game of the Century": "Any loss is a big loss. You know what I mean? When your expectations are high. Are we disappointed? Yeah. Very disappointed. But we're not going to stop grinding. We're going to keep doing what we're doing. We have to come away with the games we're supposed to come away with. … Hats off to the Cowboys. They executed their game plan and got a win."

On his team's performance:
"I try to be a positive guy. I don't know if it does you any good to be negative. That's kind of how I look at it. I think we have a lot to fix. But I just feel like, man, I want to see how we finish this game. I man, you kind of see what was going on when we scored that last touchdown. We fought to the very end. We didn't have everybody that normally would play. For us to be that close -- I mean I just think it would be in our favor if we had everybody out [there].

QB Tony Romo
On what type of reception he'll receive when he goes back to Wisconsin:
"A lot of negativity. Honestly, I don't think there was more than four people that rooted for me in my hometown. So I don't think they'll be too happy with me right now, but you never know maybe a little later they will be."

On how big of a victory this is: "I said this last week, and this win doesn't put us in the Super Bowl; and a loss here wouldn't have knocked us out of it. Obviously, does it help our chances? Let's say we had a 50 percent chance of going to the Super Bowl, maybe (now) it's 52 percent because maybe we get to play a home game against this team again if we see them. But I don't think this does anything else except say, you know what? We're a pretty good football team and we're playing pretty good football right now. Do we still have a lot of improving to do? Yes. Do we have the ability to get better? I believe so. So we're going to truck along and hopefully put some more wins together, go into the playoffs with a winning streak and see what we can do."

WR Terrell Owens
On how this team has prepared for games like these:
"You practice hard, it carries over to the game and we're excited about where we are. We're not looking any further than that. Obviously, our goal is to get into the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl, so I think we've done a great job but there's obviously room for improvement."

On if there was much of a difference in the defensive coverage Green Bay used from the first to second halves: "Nope. It was pretty much the same. Al (Harris) followed me pretty much everywhere I went."

On if being manned up against a corner like Al Harris is what he relishes: "Oh yeah. Al's a great corner and I knew the matchup was going to be very physical and he was going to be aggressive. I just went out and tried to execute in the passing game and I think the things we did moving me around a little bit helped. Tony (Romo) did a great job, as far as reading the defenses and throwing the ball to the open guys."

On if this game was a continuation of his play over the past month: "Yes. I think I'm just trying to do my part. Jason's (Garrett) is doing a great job every week involving me and I relish the challenge each week. That's about it – I'm just doing my job."

On the pass in the endzone that he dropped and turned into an interception: "It was a situation where I had a route where I was going in and coming out and Tony (Romo) just shot it in there. So it just got in there before I could really get an eye on the ball. Other than that, I'm fine and still rebounding after that. The defense did a great job keeping them out of the endzone. So no harm, no foul."

On what has made T.O. and Romo so prolific as a tandem: "Just communication; us having the faith in one another; him knowing where I'm going to be; me paying attention to detail and reading what the corners are giving me. Each week I'm faced with different coverages. Like tonight, I was faced with a lot of man-to-man and there were times where they tried to double me, but if it wasn't there Tony went elsewhere with it. That's how you saw (Jason) Witten get open and Patrick (Crayton) made some big catches. That's just the nature of this offense."

CB Nate Jones
On if the defense felt they had a better chance in the game once Brett Favre was out of the game:
"He's a legendary quarterback that's got that team going and is having the year of his life. We were hoping that it would go that way, but obviously (Aaron) Rodgers came in and he did a pretty good job too. He changed the game a little bit because he can scramble and he was making some passes, so we still had to bow up and play."

On how it felt to contribute to this victory despite being released once this season by the team: "I keep marching on. I'm a persistent guy. I'm just thankful to still play. I don't know how I feel about knocking a guy out – hopefully he's okay. Obviously, he's a Hall of Fame quarterback, but it's a big play in the game and the change was a little bit, but like I said Rodgers came in and did a good job anyway."

On what he sees from this team that will enable it to finish December strong: "We've got each other's back. Defense has the offense's back; offense has the defense's back. We go out there and play for each other. We're happy, we're getting along and we're out there having fun. It's not much you can do to stop that when you get the ball going. We're just playing for each other."

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