What they're saying about Murphy

Comments from individuals on new Green Bay Packers CEO

Packers Chairman of the Board Bob Harlan: "The Green Bay Packers are very pleased to have Mark Murphy join the organization as President and CEO. He has an excellent background and record of success in the business of athletics, and through his NFL playing career, brings a great understanding of our game to his position. He'll be an outstanding leader for our franchise and a great addition to our community.

"In getting to know Mark, it was very clear that he appreciates the unique nature of the Packers. He shares many of the same values that are important to the organization. We're delighted to have a person of Mark's caliber join us."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: "Mark is an extremely talented administrator who will serve the Packers and the entire Green Bay community with distinction and class. He brings an important blend of experiences to the job, so many of which touch on issues that we will be dealing with in the future. Based on eight seasons with the Redskins, Mark has a deep respect for the history of the league, its players and coaches. He understands the impact of a franchise on its community and the importance of players and coaches meshing with their local fan bases."

Washington Redskins Head Coach Joe Gibbs (Murphy played under Gibbs from 1977-84): "Mark meant a lot to the Redskins organization the years he was here and played. He was a great person along with being one of the brightest and most competitive people we've had here at the Redskins. I would say it's a great choice, and we wish him and the Packers all the luck in the world."

Northwestern University President Henry S. Bienen: "We appreciate Mark's tremendous leadership during his tenure here at Northwestern. He was an exemplary director of our athletic department and our teams had outstanding success both on and off the field. We're sorry to see Mark go, but at the same time, we understand what a wonderful opportunity this is for him, so we wish him well."

Pat Ryan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Northwestern University and Executive Chairman of Aon: "When we were fortunate enough to hire Mark, it was perfect fit with our culture and common goals. He really had a great understanding of the unique structure and culture we have here at Northwestern and excelled with it. He did an outstanding job and I see it as the same opportunity for Mark and the Green Bay Packers. He'll have common goals with the highest expectations. The Packers are fortunate to have Mark join them. It's our loss, but we're also proud of him to have this opportunity."

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