Add a chapter to Favre's iron man legacy

Brett Favre will start his 250th straight regular season game (270 including playoffs) this Sunday at Lambeau Field.'s Doug Ritchay says Favre's ability to play week after week is simply amazing.

This just in, Brett Favre will start for the Packers on Sunday when they host the Oakland Raiders.

Raise your hand if you're surprised? OK, I see no hands.

This week the big news was if Favre would start and how effective he would be after suffering arm and shoulder injuries in the Packers' last game at Dallas. We heard news every day on what Favre did and how he looked. Friday, Favre aired out for the first time since the injury, according to coach Mike McCarthy, and will make his 250th straight start.

Everybody with a pulse knew Favre would start, because he's indestructible. He could whip up a better passer rating than Chicago's Rex Grossman with his left arm.

It's a good thing Favre heals likes no other, because look what happened since the Dallas game. Backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers injured a hamstring in practice and may not be available for two weeks. So the Packers signed former Favre backup, Craig Nall, just in case Favre's Kryptonite is finally discovered.

Don't count on it.

But the Packers' quarterback situation made me rack my brain this week about the greatness of Favre. We've heard everything over and over again. The national media is Goo Goo GaGa over this guy, but in some ways how can't you be? Since the fourth game of the 1992 season, Favre has started every game for the Packers. That's almost 16 full seasons, which is insane.

Meanwhile, the last two times Rodgers has played, he got injured. Last year, he broke his foot against New England, and now he injures a hamstring in practice. Practice!

How many practices has Favre been part of in his career? A billion or so?

Then, you watch Thursday's game and watch Grossman and Washington's Jason Campbell each suffer leg injuries. That's all it takes, one tackle around your knee and you're done. Somehow that never happens to Favre. He's like "Jack Bauer" on the TV show "24." Bauer can't be killed and Favre can't be injured.

He practices and he plays, and he never misses a game. Meanwhile, Rodgers suffers injuries like he's a China Doll. I'm not ripping A-Rodg here. A broken foot is a broken foot. Hamstring injuries, they happen. But when you have a 38-year-old quarterback who's supposed to be declining at this stage of his career making you look like a wuss, it's really quite entertaining. Favre is one for the ages, and the greatest thing about him is he plays on Sundays. He's like your church priest. You know every Sunday, when you go to mass the same priest will be there.

Just the same, every Sunday or Monday, when the Packers line up for their first offensive play, No. 4 will be under center.

Let's see, there are a few things certain in life: death, taxes and Brett Favre being under center.

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